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    Crisis-19 Diagnostic DVD

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  • core seminar

    Klinghardt Core Biological Protocol Download

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  • dr-klinghardt

    Slides from Dr Klinghardt’s detailed and highly informative update on COVID-19 presentation from 15th April 2020

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  • ki science empty test folder web

    Empty Test Kit Folder

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  • KI Science empty vials web

    Empty Test Vials

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  • Dr-Klinghardt-Institute-ART-Autonomic-Response-testing-tools-retrovirus-diagnostics-DVD

    Retroviruses Diagnostic DVD

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  • ART-DVD-set-Virus-mould-parasites-diagnostics-Dr-klinghardt-institute-Autonomic-response-testing-tools-

    A.R.T. Diagnostic CD set for mould, parasites & viruses

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  • laser-pen-holder-dr-klinghardt-institute-ART-tools-autonomic-response-testing-light-therapy

    Laser Pen Holder

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  • ART-tools-Dr-klinghardt-holey-signal-enhancer-autonomic-response-testing

    Signal Enhancer with holes for ampoules

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  • Dr-klinghardt-institute-Lyme-and-coinfections-slides-ART-tools-daignostics

    Lyme and Co-infections Test Kit Slides

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  • glass rod

    Glass rod

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  • Upright signal enhancer

    Upright Signal Enhancer

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