A.R.T. 2 Training

Intermediate Autonomic Response Testing Programme

About A.R.T. 2 Intermediate Online Programme

The Intermediate A.R.T. 2 programme is designed to help you consolidate the skills and techniques learned in A.R.T. 1, keeping your training on track towards A.R.T.™ qualification. You will be developing additional skills and techniques at this intermediate level plus further applications of the techniques covered in A.R.T. 1.

The A.R.T. programmes run in a systematic order, each building on the knowledge gained in the prior programme.

The programme is open to all practitioners who have completed the A.R.T. 1 Beginners Level programme (either online or a live seminar).

A.R.T Online Programme Format:

The programme consists of 4 modules which run over 5 weeks. A new module will be released each week giving you access to the Core Learning Programme together with Consolidation Steps to support your learning.

You’ll have access to the Core Learning Programme content and Discussion Board for a total of 8 weeks from the start of the programme.

The Core Learning Programme includes:

  • Video lectures from Dr Klinghardt plus videos of Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso demonstrating the skills and techniques step-by-step, covering the core learning points within each of the modules. These videos can be watched at your own pace and as often as you wish over the 8 weeks.
  • Downloadable resources including reading materials and PDFs.
  • Practice steps included in each module guide you in developing & honing your A.R.T. skills, building your confidence & competence with each of the skills covered.

Consolidation of Learning:

  • A multiple choice assessment to test your learning at the end of each module.
  • For each of the 4 modules, you’ll have access to pre-recorded Q&A videos by Daniela Deiosso and Dr Klinghardt.
  • Discussion Board – each module will have an ice-breaker question for students to answer with a space to ask questions, support each and consolidate your learning.

What does the A.R.T. 2 Programme cover?

  • Review of the Principles of A.R.T.
  • The Seven Factors that Block Regulation – how to unblock the patient
  • Advanced switching tests
  • Testing for Bio-Physical Stress and EMR
  • The O-Ring test: an introduction to its correct use
  • Body Physiology and the O-Ring test
  • Assessing the Healing Properties of a Substance Using The O-Ring Test
  • Using the O-Ring Test to establish a reliable and effective nutritional protocol
  • Strength and Relaxation State (Yin & Yang)
  • Direct Resonance Testing
  • Using direct resonance to detect toxins and pathogens
  • Demonstration of a complete A.R.T. exam
  • Correct use of the mirror for diagnosing and treating
  • How to use a vitamin test kit
  • Using A.R.T. in the treatment of chronic illness
  • The correct use of the KiScience Test Kit
  • Introduction to dental testing: material compatibility, occlusion, cavitations
  • Testing for the synergy of different remedies
  • Dr Klinghardt’s Summary of the Use & Applications of A.R.T. in Clinical Practice

Certificate of Attendance:

You will receive a C.P.D. certificate of attendance on condition that you have completed the online modules. This certificate is for CPD purposes only, it doesn’t qualify the holder as a certified A.R.T. practitioner. Visit our Training Structure page to see the certification pathway.

Absolutely fantastic online course. As you know i have attended quite a few in person courses and already apply A.R.T. fully in my practise but it’s never enough! Every time you have a repeat of the course it’s different, you add something new or I notice something I had missed previously, so thank you.

Kathy Pasch

BSc(hon), MSc, Dip CNM, IFMCP and lecture of nutrition & biomedicine

In the coming years, I believe that A.R.T., along with homeopathic medicine, is going to become the face of healthcare as it provides unique, practical, and non-invasive mechanisms to get to the root issue of a problem. Thank you for all your hard work at designing this course during this difficult time. This has been amazing in every way imaginable.

Sydney M Zettler

B.S. Exercise and Sport Science/Nutrition

A.R.T has influenced my work in a very profound way. Having worked for many years in professional sport I was using A.R.T. and energy medicine with success but in a limited capacity. A combination of recent world events and investing in more time with A.R.T. has spurred me to radically change my practice and has allowed me to see more “difficult cases” and help people that other clinicians have had trouble with. This has been a complete shift for me – moving away from travelling and re-establishing a practice locally. A.R.T. has been instrumental in that shift and will continue to provide me with the knowledge and insight needed to build a practice that can serve a diverse population. I look forward to continuing to learn from Dr. Klinghardt and fine tuning my A.R.T. system.

Brendan McLaughlin

DC, D.Ac, BSc