A.R.T. 3 Training

Advanced Autonomic Response Testing Programme

About A.R.T. 3 Advanced Online Programme

You will learn how to cohesively pull together the practical A.R.T. techniques from A.R.T. 1 & 2 and combine them with real treatment strategies, decoding chronic illness and establishing a comprehensive wellness protocol.

In this programme we focus on detecting and treating medication uptake problems, the most common cause of therapy-resistant chronic illness. Microbes and metals are not everywhere in the body – they create protected domiciles in specific body compartments. Here they secure their survival by creating an, as yet, poorly understood barrier which blocks the entry of immune cells to this area. It also prevents the entry of otherwise effective remedies that have been tested out before for the client’s condition.

By using A.R.T. in a specific way, we can find the area where microbes and toxins are hiding – and the hidden uptake block. With a series of well-researched methods and almost magical keys, we can open this area to uptake our remedies and make the treatment work as A.R.T. would have predicted. It is estimated (Y. Omura MD), that the dosage of a remedy has to be increased approximately 20-fold to reach this area otherwise. With the A.R.T. based drug-uptake enhancement method, we can achieve wonderful results, using minimal dosages of herbs or – if really needed – medical drugs.

The programme is open to all practitioners who have completed the A.R.T. 2 Intermediate Level Programme (either online or a live seminar).

A.R.T Online Programme Format:

The programme follows the same format as the Beginners and Intermediate Programmes with 4 modules which run over 5 weeks.

You’ll have access to the Core Learning Programme content and Discussion Board for a total of 10 weeks from the start of the programme.

The Core Learning Programme includes:

  • Videos lectures from Dr Klinghardt plus videos of Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso demonstrating the skills and techniques step-by-step, covering the core learning points within each of the modules. These videos can be watched at your own pace and as often as you wish over the 10 weeks.
  • Downloadable resources including reading materials and PDFs.
    Practice steps included in each module guide you in developing & honing your A.R.T. skills, building your confidence & competence with each of the skills covered.

Consolidation of Learning:

  • A multiple choice assessment to test your learning at the end of each module.
  • For each of the 4 modules, you’ll have access to pre-recorded Q&A videos by Daniela Deiosso and Dr Klinghardt.
  • Discussion Board – each module will have an ice-breaker question for students to answer with a space to ask questions, support each and consolidate your learning.

What does the A.R.T. 3 Programme cover?

  • A review of the Principles of A.R.T. and skills learned on A.R.T. 1 & 2, building on these over the 5 weeks.
  • Finding Primary Interference fields with A.R.T.
  • Testing and mitigating issues in the 4 layers of our system
  • Personal biography: influence of trauma and unresolved conflicts on our health
  • Evaluating food allergies and incompatibilities
  • Exploring unresolved Trauma
  • The importance of the Pineal Gland
  • Sequencing the A.R.T. Exam – the A.R.T. 3 Flowchart
  • Aluminium & Glyphosate: Preventative Solutions and Protocols
  • EMR protection strategies
  • Modifications of A.R.T. for frequently encountered issues
  • A focus on some of Dr Klinghardt’s Key Biological Treatment Protocols

Certificate of Attendance:

You will receive a C.P.D. certificate of attendance on condition that you have completed the online modules. This certificate is for CPD purposes only, it doesn’t qualify the holder as a certified A.R.T. practitioner. Visit our Training Structure page to see the certification pathway.

I’ve studied numerous techniques and found that Dr. Klinghardt’s methods taught me how to find the deep-seated health issues that may not show up with other types of testing. With A.R.T. it is much faster to test a client for the root cause and to know if the testing is accurate.

Rabia Barkins

DC, DACBN (chiropractor/nutritionist)

Every time I listen to Dr Klinghardt I learn so much, and this course has been no exception. A.R.T. had completely changed the way I treat people in the clinic, but in a more profound way, it has influenced the way I look at the world and all the aspects causing illness.

Jamie Allan

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

I feel words are inadequate to convey the depth and scope of the A.R.T. courses I have participated in. The material was well presented, reflective practice encouraged a deeper engagement with the content and with A.R.T. as a personal journey. Ongoing assessments give a rigour to the teaching which was offered with a heart centred generosity that is unique and exceptional.

Alison S J Edwards

BSc DC FRCC DCCP FEAC (Paediatrics) BCST Holistic Practitioner, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Chiropractor; Soul Advocate