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Upcoming Events

We run seminars, teaching events and workshops, both in-person and online.  Our training events are led by Dr. Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso with special guests, while our A.R.T. Practice Days are led by our experienced practitioner teaching team. We also run a small group summer retreat each year.

Autonomic Response Testing

A.R.T. is a comprehensive, highly accurate diagnostic method that assesses the coherence of light emissions of organs and structures in the body. It focuses on identifying and addressing the 7 most common factors that block or stress the healthy functioning of the nervous system and offers solutions for their correction.

Klinghardt Articles & Protocols

We offer a range of resources and support tools for healthcare practitioners, patients and carers. Within our Resources area you’ll find articles, videos and educational materials, including medical publications from Dr Klinghardt on A.R.T. and Neural Therapy, as well as some of Dr Klinghardt’s protocols.

The 5 Levels of Healing

This systemic model of healing was developed by Dr Klinghardt in the 1980s and he has been teaching it to practitioners all over the world since then. Patients need care on all levels of their existence, people really can recover from their chronic illness but have to shift their way of being in the world on a deep level.

Upcoming Events

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A Future without ME / CFS

A Future without ME / CFS

True Causes & Effective Treatment Strategies - 15th February 2020, London - Dr Klinghardt and Guest Speakers The slides from this Klinghardt Institute seminar are available to download below. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Ph.D "What is ME? What are the leading...

Autism One: New insights, new approaches & improved outcomes

Autism One: New insights, new approaches & improved outcomes

At the Autism One conference in Chicago, May 2019, Dr Klinghardt spoke about Retroviruses, prions and the synergy of mercury, lead, aluminium and agrochemicals: new insights, new approaches and improved outcomes (for affected children, teenagers and adult) The slides...