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Klinghardt Education : Upcoming Events in the UK

The following events for your diary are all lead by Dr. Klinghardt himself, together with his partner in life Daniela Deiosso.

Location: Holiday Inn London – Regent’s Park, Carburton Street, London W1W 5EE

Klinghardt Education is also planning an event in Australia at the end of January 2020 and more training events throughout the year.
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DVD Courses & Workshops

Recorded at the Lyme Solutions Seminar (Feb 2016) in London. This seminar will give you the new practical, affordable tools and individual treatment options – many of which are true self-helps tools. You will gain a deep understanding of Lyme Disease and the co-infections. 8 DVD set

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The brain is in crisis. The neurological disorders linked to the brain are increasing exponentially, not linearly. In this workshop we show solutions to the causes of chronic brain dysfunction.
6 DVD set.

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A lecture by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD, introducing a philosophy of healing referred to as the 5 Levels of Healing.
This method of healing was developed in the 1980s and is now taught to practitioners worldwide.

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This DVD set is for practitioners and interested lay people wanting to take to experience and learn Dr Klinghardt’s ART system that allows you to detect and treat unresolved emotional issues, retained toxins, chronic infections and other relevant issues contributing to chronic suffering and lack of zest.

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Exclusively presented by Dr Klinghardt MD, PhD, the protocols taught in this seminar have emerged from his work at the Sophia Health Institute in Seattle, WA, USA and have helped many patients, especially those with chronic illness.

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