Klinghardt Detox Support Protocol

  • Coriandolo Plus tincturespecially grown organic cilantro + 7 flower stem cell extracts: slowly titrate from 5 drops twice daily to 2 dropperfull (=30 drops) 3 times daily (t.i.d) 30 min before each meal (mobilizes toxic metals, also increases bile flow) available from KiScience.com
  • Renolo – allium ursinum, cistus incanus, 7 flower stem cell extracts (protects white and red bloodcells and nephrons from oxidative damage caused by mobilized metals) available from KiScience.com
  • Polmolo – enula root, coriandolo plant & seeds, bardana root and equiseto. 10 to 15 drops twice daily. Available from KiScience.com
  • Binders:
  • Ki-Chlorella Vulgaris or Pyrenoidosa: start with medium dose of 8 tablets (200mg each) t.i.d 5 min after taking Cilantro. Increase: during times of crisis, Herxheimer reaction or if no change is perceived. Max dose: 40 tablets. 3 times daily. Available from KiScience.com
  • Lava Vitae (high silica Zeolite): in addition to chlorella (or instead, if chlorella is not yet tolerated): start ¼ teaspoon twice daily between meals, slowly increase to 4 times/day away from all food or vitamins. Available from KiScience.com
  • Ki Science Detox Footbath: twice weekly for 30 minutes (www.KiScience.com). Main metal mobilization is on day 3 after the treatment. Increase binders on that day.
  • Crisis management (during unpredictable waves of toxin release, “die-off” effects or “cytokine storms”:
  • step 1: increase the binders
  • step 2: check saliva (6.7) and urine pH (6.2) – consider tri-salts or sodium bicarbonate
  • step 3: Colon hydrotherapy plus sauna
  • step 4: add massage, or better, lymphatic drainage massage. Best: neural therapy (procaine injections to affected ganglia, segmental treatment of liver, small intestine and kidney)
  • step 5: parenteral treatment (if available or affordable): v. Vit C (37.5-50 grams) + alpha lipoic acid (75 mg) + glutathione (1200 mg) i.m magnesium sulf.(2.5 ml +2.5% Procaine) i.v. aminoacids
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