Brain Solutions Protocol

  1. Dysregulated or maladapted physiology:  balance the pH. Normal: saliva 6.7, urine 6.2. Correct electrolytes and bioidentical hormones according to the labs and symptoms. Make diet adjustments. Insulin resistance is treated with Berberine and Niacinamide. Most brains benefit significantly from GingkoFlow 2 pipettes 3 times per day and Korean hand acupressure 3 times a day (Omura method taught during workshop – live demo and practice)
  2. Metal Toxicity: lifelong detox protocol: Coriandolo Plus, Chlorella (KiScience). Follow the bolded recommendation page 78
  3. EMR: exposure to microwave, electric- and magnetic fields: follow the recommendations page 156
  4. Herbicides and other chemicals: zeolite, chlorella, sauna, exercise are the main published modalities. Follow the protocol page 113. Learn ART for the elegant light modulation/laser detox method
  5. Epigenetics, transgenerational trauma and the “Methylation Block”: Family constellation work (Klinghardt Institute) and B12, methylated folate, Zn, P5P, glycine, Mg, Quinton water. Take ART 3 to learn the fast way to correct methylation issues!
  6. Cleaning house: The Glymphatic system and melatonin: lymphatic drainage. Learn and apply the manual technique demonstrated during the workshop. 3 minutes as late at night as possible (2 am is best)
  7. Endogenous infections and toxicity from the oral cavity and jaw: you may depend ona cavitation/NICO specialized dentist or learn ART (and the accurate x-ray diagnostic system and healing with different light/PEMF based modalities) and make recommendations accordingly
  8. Systemic persistent Infections (viral, bacterial, protozoal, mold and fungal), Infestations (parasites) and Biotoxins:“liposomal herbal antimicrobial co-infection cocktail”. Protocol page 199 (also: Klinghardt View the “Lyme Solutions” DVD and apply the “cocktail”)
  9. CCSVI: stenoses of the anterior neck veins: balloon dilatation TVAM procedure in California, coinfection “cocktail”, neural therapy (stellate and superior cervical ganglion injections), Bravo supp., Rerum sublingually 0.1 ml twice weekly. Learn the manual treatment in this workshop and apply twice daily for 5 minutes each time
  10. HPU: Hemo-Pyrrol Lactam Uria: Core 3-4 capsules 2-3 times daily with food (, psychokinesiology/MFT to resolve traumata effectively, Cyriax traction and prolotherapy c-spine C5/6
  11. PANDAS and PANS (Chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis, MARCoNS): ozone injections, cryotherapy (, neural therapy, intranasal flora (Symbioflor 1 /2), Neti Pot, LDI, Rerum nasally 0.05- 0.1 ml each nostril twice weekly in reclining position
  12. Decreased“regulatory neuropeptides”: MSH, OXT, ADH, VIP and melatonin (Homeo-K Trio 5 drops twice daily) and desynchronized brain waves: brain exercises (brain gym etc.); CES microcurrent unit from between dinner and bedtime 30 minutes