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  • Enhancer-with-Pol

    ART Signal Enhancer with polarizing filter

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  • Enhancer-no-pol

    ART Signal Enhancer

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  • Small-SE

    Small ART Signal Enhancer

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  • mirror

    ART Magnifying Mirror

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  • Sale! Dr Klinghardt Towards an Autism protocol DVD 2019

    Towards an Autism Protocol by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt: DVD

    £60.00 £49.00
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  • Dr Klinghardt Core Biological protocols USB

    Core Biological Protocol USB

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  • A.R.T. Autism Breakthrough Training

    A.R.T. Autism Breakthrough Training

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  • Protocol-Seminar-Product-image-1-1000×1000

    Core Biological Protocols

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  • ART-Box-view-with-disks

    Autonomic Response Testing Course DVDs

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  • 5-levels-of-healing-DVD

    5 Levels of Healing

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  • lyme-product-image-1

    Lyme Solutions Seminar DVD Set

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