The Neurophysiology of Light – The Five Pathways

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Translated from Dr. Klinghardt’s book – “Lehrbuch der Psycho-Kinesiologie- ein neuer Weg in der psychosomatischen Medizin”, Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg, Germany 1995

During the 19th century the American surgeon, Dr. E. Babbitt, M.D., proved that treatment with colored light could achieve very significant healing results through its effect on the human energy field, the light receptive autonomic nerve fibers in the skin and via the nerves that connect the eye directly with the limbic system.

In the beginning of this century the East Indian genius Darius Dinshah, who had immigrated into the USA, introduced a system of color therapy, that involves shining the color onto the body or body regions for about 1 hour/day.

The American physician H. Riley Spitler, M.D., after years of detailed research with colored light, concluded that light therapy applied through the eyes could augment the major control centers in the brain that regulate all body functions. Since the functioning of the eyes was directly dependent upon …

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