Rhythms of life

© By Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, USA

Rhythms and patterns of human development: the esoteric neurodevelopmental science (Rudolf Steiner, Gudrun Burkhard, Klinghardt)

  • Human development follows a cyclical double helix pattern.
  • The DNA is a downstepped version of the spiritual process: a vertical spiral that starts with birth at the bottom and appears to end at the top with death. Every loop covers a 21 year time-span.
  • After 21 years we repeat the same pattern, but with the possibility of discovering solutions on a higher level.
  • It is most important to understand the first 21 years, which can be subdivided into three 7-year cycles.
  • The opposing helix pattern – which we also observe in the DNA – is created by the opposing, seemingly adverse events that have to be encountered for optimal human development.

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