Applied PsychoNeurobiology 2013

I have been practicing Integrative Medicine for nearly 40 years, contemplating and learning, and rigorously applying the “5 levels of healing” insight to the understanding of the suffering of my patients – and choosing treatment modalities accordingly. I had successes and painful losses, to some patients I was a good doctor, to others a failure. But underneath this endless river of experience a central insight emerged.

There is a constant interaction and exchange of learning experiences, energy, information and deep love between this world and an invisible other world. The greatest achievement in this world is not the avoidance of pain or struggle, but becoming consciously aware of how our choices, behaviors and decisions impact not only our own reality, but also impact others and become part of the forces of evolution, change and forward movement.

Illness is often, if not always, the road-sign asking for a change in direction. What is however often misunderstood, is that the poor decisions and behaviors of others have the same impact on us, our life and our health as do our own. Life, suffering and illness is not personal in that way. Everything we encounter in life is purpose- and evolution-driven.

There are very few random accidents, even though those also occur and have a role. The sometimes unimaginable cruelty of mankind, but also of nature itself, has to be part of a larger plan. With our heart alone we will never be able to comprehend the darkness that so often seems to surround us – it also has to be part of an invisible divine plan. We are left to surrender to the conditions we find here, but at the same time are asked to put our strength towards living our life cleanly and making changes wherever we can. Every human being is at a different stage of evolution, a different chapter of their personal journey – and maybe also a different stage of soul development. For some of us it is important to experience wealth, power, creativity, motherhood or fatherhood, for others however suffering, illness, loneliness or despair. Those of us who are in a rush, we may experience all of it in just one lifetime.

When patients come to us, we can only know and understand what the person wishes from us, what the request is from us, what job assignment the client gives us. But we cannot know where in their journey they are, what our role is in their life. Are we to help them heal on a physical level, is there something else in the contact that we might be able to offer them? Or are we just to be conscious witnesses to their suffering, the stage of their journey. Who are we to interpret what we see with our limited vision and experience? Is there is a greater plan for each of us? If so, what might it be? It may include suffering – it rarely does not!

As physicians and healers, we are asked to cooperate not obstruct the higher intent. Sometimes relieving a person’s or family’s suffering is absolutely asked for, sometimes it will create obstacles in the long run. Some of us practitioners pray to see and recognize the right direction. Others use a variety of tools to bridge the gap. None I have met has a perfect answer yet or a perfect electronic tool, a perfect method. Beware of those who think they do.

My system of Applied Neurobiology (APN) has developed and grown with the clear intent: to be a communication tool between the 2 worlds that I know exist. The APN system is clear and simple, and no step in the procedure violates common sense, logic or human dignity. Here is a brief synopsis:

  1. We use lab work and imaging studies like any other medical system would, in order to understand – and show respect to – the physical world. However, the resulting suggestions for treatment are double and triple checked with the ART system. Only the medications, supplements, exercise routines, foods and behaviors that pass this test are recommended.
  1. We measure on the level of physics the wavelengths and amplitudes of man-made stresses that affect the field of the client. We mitigate as much as possible. We also use thermography, HRV and other tools to decode the flow – or blockages – of energy in the patient’s system. However, our main tool to gain understanding is again ART. It allows us to know what is important, what is secondary and when we have done enough. In addition to the mitigation procedures we use the KLM technique (Klinghardt Light Modulation): every nutrient, toxin, infection, parasite or medication that has been found to be helpful or stressful is broadcast with a modified laser beam into the biofield of the client – until the patient’s system has recognized, understood and responded to the input. Medications and nutrients can be permanently imprinted. After this short procedure we tap the client to neutralize any yin or yang state and lock in the response of the autonomic nervous system and higher centers.
  1. At this point we check the 8 major eye movements and the color glasses. If any of them change the indicator, the door has opened to the deeper layers of the client’s inner world (unresolved conflicts, trauma) or the higher world – the psyche, the transpersonal 4th level field or the door to the divine itself. It is here where the careful dialogue with the subconscious starts, which is laid out step-by step in this manual.

The PK work allows us to discover and decipher the intent and communication of the unconscious inner realities or the higher worlds with us. By more clearly understanding the reasons, the challenges, the higher nature of all things and most problems, the personal instructions to the client which so often come from an unseen plane most often hidden in the symbolism of a symptom or set of symptoms, we can often be the witness to amazing changes in people’s lives, in their health, in their choices and behaviors.

The more we learn and understand, the more simple the ART/PK procedure becomes. But we also have less of a need to use physical tools such as medical drugs, dietary supplements or “energy instruments”. Our approach becomes more gentle and esthetic. But we also gain more respect for how limited our powers are here in this world, and sometimes we have to step back and see tragedies unfold in front of us. And we will be always questioning: did I fail this person? Did I do or advise the right thing? Did I know enough? Was the fate unfolding in front of us part of a bigger more sacred plan? No counseling technique will take that away from us.

After a successful intervention the real work starts: the client tunes into the healing stream of divine energy that is always available to us – if we remember. It can change us at the deepest core of our being, even our DNA, our epigenetics, our past. In the days and weeks after a session the client might or should experience what the healer Bruno Groening called “regulations” – the body will do what it couldn’t do before: eliminate toxins, restrain and contain microbes, direct the person to different food and behavioral preferences and choices, smile more often and embark on a different direction in life that might be more in tune with the deeper truth.

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