USA On Location A.R.T.® Intermediate Practice Event, Pennsylvania with Marc Schwartz 13th & 14th November 2020


Course Times:  Friday 2-6pm and Saturday 9-5pm
Cost: $280         (listed in UK pounds as £216: payment will be taken in dollars)


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USA On Location A.R.T.® Intermediate Practice Event, Pennsylvania,  with Marc Schwartz

Date: 13th & 14th November 2020

Location: The Pavillion,  261 old York rd suite 534,  Jenkintown pa 19046 USA

Course Times:  Friday 2-6pm and Saturday 9-5pm
Cost: $280

(listed in UK pounds as £216: payment will be taken in dollars)

A wonderful on location A.R.T.® practice opportunity in Pennsylvania, USA, run by Marc Schwartz.

Over the 2 days Marc will review and revise the Intermediate level A.R.T.® method in this workshop, running through a complete demonstration on the Friday afternoon followed by an intensive day of practising on the Saturday.

*********** This is not a class but a practice session **********

Only students that have studied A.R.T. 2 Intermediate Level or above will be accepted onto the course.

PLACES ARE VERY LIMITED: please book swiftly to ensure a space on this course.

This course is open to INTERMEDIATE Level A.R.T.® students wishing to revise, improve and troubleshoot their technique procedures and practice their skills. This course will take you through Dr Klinghardt’s most up to date A.R.T.® techniques.
Participants will practice on each other, running systematically through the A.R.T.® technique with teaching, guidance and correction from Marc.

This review will include A.R.T. Flow revision and cover a variety of Intermediate Level techniques including:

  • Drug Uptake Technique and Direct resonance after Drug Uptake Technique
  • Testing Remedies for Synergy
  • Dose Testing of remedies.

We cannot stress enough the importance of practicing the technique!

Getting both familiar and accomplished in the basics of the technique is the best grounding for accurate testing when moving on to the next stages of learning.

This is an opportunity to get hands-on practice and troubleshoot your individual mastery of the A.R.T.® technique which is especially important for those that have only learnt through the online process. These sessions comprise carefully reviewed content organised by Dr. Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso, working in close collaboration with our teaching assistants.

When performed correctly this diagnostic technique is 99.99% accurate  and this is an ideal opportunity for you to enhance your diagnostic skills.

Please bring all your A.R.T.® tools including your test kits.

Please stay on whatever protocol you are on and bring all the supplements/medications that you are taking or considering taking.

Please remember not to wear essential oils or perfumes as these can alter the testing and cause blockages in the system.

Mobiles must be turned on flight mode and then switched off during the event.

Food and beverages;

Light snacks, coffee and tea will be served throughout the day

Catered lunch on Saturdays included various proteins, vegan options, gluten free and organic when available.


The Pavillion,  261 old York rd suite 534,  Jenkintown pa 19046


Tel:  215 881 9700

The practice session is open to beginners and also A.R.T. practitioners looking to revise the fundamental principles of A.R.T. thus ensuring accurate application of the techniques. This course will bring your knowledge and skills up-to-date, informing you on new developments derived from Dr. Klinghardt’s ongoing and evolving research.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to enhance your diagnostic skills with this highly effective and evidence-based technique. Recent peer-reviewed publication: Frandsen, A., McClure, M., Chung, M. K., & LaRiccia, P. J. (2018). Autonomic Response Testing Compared With Immunoglobulin E Allergy Panel Test Results: Preliminary Report. Alternative therapies in health and medicine. 2018 –

*** Please note this is a practice session not an Intermediate Course and is not suitable for those who have not attended a minimum of Intermediate Level A.R.T.™II course either online or in person.***

More info on Marc Schwartz

Undergraduate Temple University 1981
Doctorate of chiropractic life university suma cum laude 1987
Board certified in clinical nutrition and blood chemistries
Board certified  Applied Kinesiology
Board certified Sports Physician
Elite Diplomat bio energetics
Elite master bio energetics
Certified intra oral cranial technique

Klinghardt certified ART practioner and team teacher for over 15 yrs
33 years private practice
Treatments for chronic lyme, autism, heavy metals and other chronic disorders
Special emphasis regulation of autonomic nervous system