Autonomic Response Testing Course DVDs


Presented By Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD

Recorded live at the Summer Healing Retreat 2016

11 DVD set

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Product Description

This DVD set is for practitioners and interested lay people wanting to take to experience and learn Dr Klinghardt’s ART system that allows you to detect and treat unresolved emotional issues, retained toxins, chronic infections and other relevant issues contributing to chronic suffering and lack of zest. We will present biological healing strategies for the treatment of chronic Lyme disease and co-infections, insomnia, autism, fatigue, metal toxicity, memory loss and other issues.

  • DVD 1 – Klinghardt System – The 5 Levels of Healing
  • DVD 2 – ART Body Scan
  • DVD 3 – Environmental Metals Toxicity
  • DVD 4 – ART Allergy and Organ Testing
  • DVD 5 – ART Primary and Secondary Allergies
  • DVD 6 – ART The light body and The Resonance Phenomena
  • DVD 7 – Detecting Interference Fields
  • DVD 8 – Direct and Indirect Resonance
  • DVD 9 – O-Ring Testing
  • DVD 10 – Lyme – Diagnosis and Treatment
  • DVD 11 – ART and PK demonstration and Conclusion

Recorded live at the Summer Healing Retreat 2016, UK.