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Summer Healing Retreat 2018


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Education and healing with Dr Klinghardt.

We are still adding the final details to the content of the retreat, but if you have been on either of the previous retreats you will know how powerful these events are.

15th – 20th JULY 2018

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Product Description

Dr Klinghardt is known and acknowledged worldwide for his blend of cutting-edge medical approaches, genogram work and family constellation work. Many patients with chronic illness have benefitted from this methodology, which always combines work on the physical, psychological and intuitive level.

During these five days with Dr Klinghardt you will deepen your knowledge of Dr Klinghardt’s ART (Autonomic Response Testing), a unique diagnostic system that allows you to detect and treat unresolved emotional issues, retained toxins, chronic infections and other issues contributing to chronic suffering and lack of zest. We will present biological healing strategies for the treatment of chronic Lyme disease and co-infections, insomnia, autism, fatigue, metal toxicity, memory loss and other issues that course participants will bring to us.

Venue for Summer Retreat:

Emerson College

Forest Row, East Sussex. RH18 5JX    UK



Day 1  (Sun 15th)

1-2.30: Chronic illness: taking a deep look at the current science, symptoms, lab work and imaging techniques. Uncovering the seven true causes of the rapidly decreasing “health span” and increase in illness. More and more people are ill at increasingly younger ages – and at alarming rates. The causes are known: toxicity, allergies, trace mineral and hormonal deficiency, electrosmog, dental and jaw issues, chronic hidden infections and unresolved unhealed conflicts and traumata. How to find our way forward? How to undo the damage and create a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life?

2.30- 4.30: Life review – the personal history of illnesses and symptoms, learning experiences, relationships, shaping influences, mentors and gurus, positive and damaging encounters. What has worked in life and what has not. How are the current life problems a reflection of everything that was – and how those that remained unhealed might have created medical symptoms and psychological states. Small group work

4.30- 5: Afternoon break

5-6.30:  Responsible use of ART as a tool to access physical causes of chronic illness as well as psycho-emotional blockages. ART is also used to gently guide the resolution process. “Chronic illness is a bad habit of the brain”. Introduction and demonstration

6.30 -8: Dinner and homework

8-10:  Family constellation work. Optional: ART catch-up course for beginners

Day  2

7-8: Quantum Light Breath: breathing meditation to connect to the higher worlds

8-9: Breakfast

9-10.45: ART – introduction to the reliable, valid, non-invasive and evidence-based diagnostic tool:  science, publications, tools, flow-chart. Hands-on practice in small groups

10.45- 11.15: Morning Break

11.15:  ART and Dr.Omura’s bi-digital O-Ring test: science and hands-on practice in small groups

12.45 – 2pm Lunch

2 – 4pm: Group practice: using ART to detect toxicity, chronic infections, EMR related stress, dental problems. The course participants will get to know their major stressors and understand their personal roadmap back to robust health. ART as anti-aging secret

4pm Afternoon Break

4.30 – 6.15: Overview of self-management techniques: meditation, meridian tapping, eye movements, working with spontaneous drawings, ART, arm length and O-ring test. Using the cranial rhythm, body signals and dowsing in reliable ways. Mental Field Therapy (MFT) to access and resolve trauma and conflict-related health issues. Group practice

6.15 – 8pm Dinner and homework

Day 3 (17th)

7-8: Quantum Light Breath: breathing meditation to access deeper levels of consciousness

8-9: Breakfast

9- 10.30: Exploring the personal biography: Trauma and unresolved conflicts – taking a deeper look how our lives and our personal history have shaped us and prepared the ground for chronic illness, accidents, successes and failure.  How to know if an event has left a trauma imprint. The personal biography as roadmap to our current life, relationships, illness, wellness and healing.

10.30-11: Morning break

11-12.30: MFT practice

12.30- 2pm: Lunch break and reflection

2 – 3 pm: The family biography as roadmap to illness or wellness. Understanding the forces set into motion from past events in the family history that are creating illness or wellness now –  generations later. Developing a meaningful genogram and using MFT and ART to bring healing into the family dynamics – and to help create robust health and inner peace.

3 – 4.30: ART and MFT-enhanced genogram work: practice in small groups.

4.30 – 5: Afternoon break

5-6.30:  The relationship of toxicity, chronic infections and unresolved family issues. Symptoms as metaphor for unhealed events in the family. Demonstration. Practice in small groups

6.30 -8: Dinner and homework

8-10:  Family constellation work. Optional: Parallel catch-up workshop for ART beginners

Day 4 (18th)

7-8: Quantum Light Breath: breathing meditation to discover and access the deeper feelings

8-9: Breakfast

9-10.30: The spiritual biography: Are some illnesses or psychological states – and your destiny – a reflection of unresolved issues from another life or in-between life? Is there kharma or is that a misguided idea? Are there curses, spirit possession, out of body experiences, spirit guides? Is it all superstition or wishful thinking? Or is it real and has influence on our wellbeing? Jesus performed exorcisms regularly as a compassionate, magical and effective healing method. Lecture and exploration in small groups. A promise: we will be respectful to your religious upbringing and not offend your own insights.

10.30 – 11: Morning break

11 -12.30: Using ART in the context of deep psychological work: Psychokinesiology. Discovering the psycho-emotional issues behind each symptom. The spiritual realm hiding behind everything we experience – including physical, mental and psychological issues. How to use ART to communicate with the higher worlds. A roadmap to true depth-psychology. Practice in small groups

1-2.30 Lunch break

2.30- 4.30: If we have chosen to live here now, why not make it comfortable? Most symptoms of chronic illness are caused by our immune system interacting with toxins and microbes. We have to urgently enhance our immune tolerance, our ability to live in the world we find ourselves in. We can use MFT and ART as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to find the real keys to increase our tolerance towards the toxic influences we are exposed to 24/7: “allergy desensitization”. This includes desensitizing our clients to aluminium, dental materials, house dust, pollen, pets and partners, EMR and much more.  Demonstrations and instruction. Small group work

4.30-5:  Afternoon tea

5-6.30:  Self-exploration and practice in small groups

6.30 -8: Dinner and homework

8-10:  Family constellation work

Day 5 (19th)

7-8: Quantum Light Breath: breathing meditation to access the higher worlds

8-9: Breakfast

9-10.30 am: The environment and us: a state-of-the-union lecture on electromagnetic radiation, glyphosate, root canals and cavitations, allergies, parasites, Lyme. The activation of retroviruses as unifying cause of most chronic illnesses: cancer, fatigue, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, ADHD, insomnia, Lymphoma, Lyme and more. ART guided discovery and exploration of healing tools. Science, discussion and demonstration. Solving most issues without medication

10.30-11 Morning break

11- 12.30: Demonstration and work in small groups

12.30—2 pm:  Lunch break

2 – 4.30:

4.30-5:  Afternoon tea

5-6.30:  Learning and practicing the tools: ART self-testing with the arm length and O-ring test. Exploring the deeper levels of yourself by communicating with your subconscious mind – using your own autonomic nervous system (in the absence of the guidance by a practitioner). A structured careful approach to self-investigation. Practice in small groups.

6.30 -8:  Dinner and homework

8-10:      Family constellation work

Day 6 (Fri 20th)

7-8: Quantum Light Breath: breathing meditation to connect to the higher worlds

8-9: Breakfast / Checkout of rooms

9-10.30 Lecture: How the world and the environment is a reflection of the collective unresolved family drama of the human species. How each symptom we have is a metaphor for issues in the family history – and the greater world that created the issues – that need healing. ART demonstrations. And practice in small groups

10.30-11: Break

11-1: Spontaneous drawing as a direct window into the soul: Using a simple technique in combination with MFT and ART to retrieve hidden messages and insights. Work in small groups. Concluding remarks and music