Practice Day A.R.T. – 14th December 2019



Cost £60

Location: Emerson College

An A.R.T. practice session supervised by Michelle Boudin and Kendra Sandford.

Practice is key to mastering the A.R.T. technique.

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Practice Day A.R.T. 1 Beginners – 14th December 2019


Cost £60

A wonderful A.R.T. practice opportunity run by Michelle Boudin and Kendra Sandford.

This is an opportunity to get hands on practice and trouble shoot your individual mastery of the ART technique. These sessions comprise carefully reviewed content organised by Dr. Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso, working in close collaboration with our teaching assistants.

When performed correctly this diagnostic technique is 99.99% accurate  and this is an ideal opportunity for you to enhance your diagnostic skills.

This course is open to all ART students wishing to revise, improve and trouble shoot basic technique procedures and practice their skills on each other.


Coffee, tea and light snacks are provided during the breaks

ART is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam, which uses changes in muscle tone as the primary indicator.

Developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, ART is a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped to transform many practices around the world into healing centres – and helped many practitioners to become accomplished holistic physicians.