Lyme Solutions Seminar DVD Set


Recorded at the Lyme Solutions Seminar (Feb 2016) in London.

This seminar will provide you with an extensive understanding of Lyme Disease, its causes, diagnosis, symptoms and treatments.

8 DVD set

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As you know, Dr, Klinghardt is a world authority on Lyme Disease (featured in the movie “Under Our Skin”) and Lyme Disease is becoming a global epidemic.

This seminar will give you the new practical, affordable tools and individual treatment options – many of which are true self-helps tools. You will gain a deep understanding of Lyme Disease and the co-infections.

DVD 1: Lyme Solutions Part 1 – Symptoms
DVD 2: Lyme Solutions Part 2 – Diagnosis
DVD 3: Lyme Solutions Part 3 – Testing for Lyme and Associated InfectionsL Presented by Gilian Crowther MA (Oxon), ND/NT on behalf of Armin Schwarzbach, specialist for laboratory medicines
DVD 4: Lyme Solutions Part 4 – Diagnosis continued, with demonstrations
DVD 5: Lyme Solutions Part 5 – Treatment: Strategy A: Treating the dysregulated physiology and biochemistry
DVD 6: Lyme Solutions Part 6 – Treatment continued: Strategies B, C and D: Detoxification. Immune modulation and Anti-microbial Strategies.
DVD 7: Lyme Solutions Part 7 – Treatment continued: Strategy D: Anti-microbial Strategies.
DVD 8: Lyme Solutions Part 8 – Treatment continued: Demonstrations.