Late Summer Retreat


Treating Chronic Illness by Healing Trauma and Unresolved Conflicts


Closing date for booking: 25th August 2017

Emerson College
Forest Row,
East Sussex. RH18 5JX
(Short taxi ride from East Grinstead train station, 50 min from London, Victoria station)

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Most symptoms of chronic illness – and the severity of it are caused – or contributed to – by unhealed pain from the past. Most practitioners are aware of it, but are lacking effective and appropriate safe tools to be truly helpful. Dr.Klinghardt is known and acknowledged for his blend of specific counselling techniques, energy psychology, genogram work and family constellation work (all over the world). Many patients with chronic illness have benefitted from this approach, which always combines work on the physical, energetic, mental and intuitive level. He wrote the decisive German language book “Lehrbuch der Psychokinesiologie” (Textbook of Psychokinesiology) over 25 years ago and his book “Metalfeldtherapie” (Mental Field Therapy) was a bestseller in the alternative psychological press (both published by INK Verlag, Germany).
In this workshop – in a gentle and beautiful environment – we will create the intimate space both for personal healing as well as for learning.
This retreat is suitable for both newcomers to Dr Klinghardt’s work and experienced practitioners alike.

Questions regarding the summer retreat please email Daniela at or telephone Diana Peterson on +44 7974 005678.