Klinghardt Healing Retreat Preparation: Warm Up and Tune In Yoga with Helena Salisbury

In preparation for the Summer Healing Retreat, or simply as part of the process to enrich your life, please join us for a weekly zoom yoga session with the wonderful Helena Salisbury, whom many of you will remember from the amazing morning yoga sessions at the 2019 Summer Healing Retreat.

This listing is an invitation to join us for a weekly Sunday Evening BST & CEST, midday EDT, morning PDT approx. 45min/1hr yoga session via zoom in preparation for the 2020 retreat & online event.

These sessions will help you warm up and tune in via some simple yoga postures, meditation and chanting, with the teachings of Dr Klinghardt very much in mind.

Helena has kindly offered to work on a ‘by donation’ payment scale whereby you can choose the level of payment that you feels appropriate to you and the number of sessions you will be able to attend.

Your purchase will give you access to all 4 sessions.

(If you wish at a later date to increase your donation to Helena for her inspiring sessions then please feel free to purchase the event again)


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