Klinghardt A.R.T.® I Beginners Worldwide Online Programme 12th January 2021


Personally led by Dr. Klinghardt, and Daniela Deiosso

Commencing 12th January 2021 

GDP £560 /US $770 (subject to exchange rate)

This official worldwide online programme is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Dr Klinghardt’s A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing Technique.

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Klinghardt A.R.T.® 1 Beginners Worldwide Online Programme

Personally led by Dr. Klinghardt, and Daniela Deiosso

Launching 12thJanuary 2021

This online programme teaches you the fundamentals of Dr Klinghardt’s A.R.T.® Autonomic Response Testing Technique.

So what is A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing®?

Developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D, A.R.T.™ is a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped to transform many practices around the world into healing centres – and helped many practitioners to become accomplished holistic physicians.

This highly accurate diagnostic method assesses the coherence of light emissions of organs and structures in the body. It focuses on identifying and addressing the 7 most common factors that block or stress the healthy functioning of the nervous system and offers solutions for their correction.

The success of his approach has earned Dr Klinghardt worldwide recognition for his ground-breaking work in chronic illness, Lyme, Autism and more.


“I am positive that A.R.T. will influence my life for the better. The course is an absolute treasure trove of resources. It’s a dream come true, and I feel overwhelmingly grateful for this opportunity.”  Annette Miller – Lyme survivor, a work in progress


“A.R.T has influenced my work in a very profound way. Having worked for many years in professional sport I was using A.R.T. and energy medicine with success but in a limited capacity. A combination of recent world events and investing in more time with A.R.T. has spurred me to radically change my practice and has allowed me to see more “difficult cases” and help people that other clinicians have had trouble with. This has been a complete shift for me – moving away from travelling and re-establishing a practice locally. A.R.T. has been instrumental in that shift and will continue to provide me with the knowledge and insight needed to build a practice that can serve a diverse population. I look forward to continuing to learn from Dr. K and fine tuning my A.R.T. system.” Brendan McLaughlin– DC, D.Ac, BSc 


“Every time I listen to Dr Klinghardt I learn so much, and this course has been no exception. A.R.T. had completely changed the way I treat people in the clinic, but in a more profound way, it has influenced the way I look at the world and all the aspects causing illness.” Jamie Allan – Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist    



About the Programme:

About the Programme:

The A.R.T. 1 Online Training Programme consists of 4 modules run over 5 weeks. You’ll have access to both the Core Learning Programme and the Discussion Board.

A new module is released each week giving you access to the Core Learning Programme with the learning topics for that week, along with Consolidation Steps to support your learning.

  • The Core Learning Programme includes:
    • Lectures from Dr Klinghardt teaching you the foundations of Autonomic Response Testing.
    • Videos of Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso demonstrating A.R.T. 1 skills and techniques step-by-step, covering the core learning points for each module.
    • These can be watched at your own pace and as often as you wish within the programme time frame.
    • Downloadable resources including reading materials and PDFs.
    • Practice steps within each module to guide you in developing and honing your A.R.T. skills, building your confidence and competence with each of the skills covered.


  • Consolidation of Learning:
    • A multiple choice (MCQs) assessment to test your learning at the end of each module.
    • A one-hour live online Q&A session each week led by Dr. Klinghardt and Daniela. These will take place every Tuesday at 8pm UK, 9pm Europe, 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern, starting on 19th January.
    • Discussion Board – each module will have an ice-breaker question that we ask you to answer each week, along with a space to ask questions, support each other and consolidate your learning.

You’ll have access to the core-learning information for 8 weeks from the start of the programme and can view the videos as often as you wish within this time. All written materials can be downloaded.

You will receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance on condition that you have completed all modules.


Dates for the live Q&A sessions are as follows:

19thJanuary – 26th January – 2nd February – 9th February

We encourage you to attend these events live so that you have the opportunity to take part but we appreciate that this isn’t always possible across all time zones so the recordings of the Q&A sessions will be added to each module.

The skills covered in the A.R.T. Beginners Level programme include:

  • A.R.T. Initial Testing Position
  • How A.R.T. Developed – Dr Klinghardt’s Development of Autonomic Response Testing
  • Indirect Testing and Reasons for Its Validity
  • The A.R.T. Organ Scan
  • The 5 Levels of Healing™
  • 7 Factors of Wellness and Chronic Illness
  • Quantum Physics of the Polarisation Filter (Polfilter) & Light Emission
  • The 4 Basic Steps of A.R.T.
  • The Autonomic Nervous System
  • The Laws of A.R.T.
  • Assessing Open or Blocked Regulation
  • Lecture on Biophoton Physics – Polfilter & Signal Enhancer
  • Unblocking Regulation
  • Acupressure Points for Unblocking Regulation
  • Yin State, Yin Mudra and Vagus Test
  • A.R.T Food Allergy Testing
  • Food Allergy Testing for Dogs
  • Switching & Supplementation
  • Neurogenic Switching
  • MFT Tapping Points
  • Clinical Tips to 2 Point Against Detected Interference Fields

The content is in the format of videos including lectures, demonstrations of A.R.T. examinations and instructor comments and written materials with downloadable PDFs.

“I just want to say THANK YOU to both Daniela Deiosso and Dr Klinghardt for a wonderful learning experience. I have loved studying A.R.T 1 online. You guys did a terrific job of laying it out in an organized and very interesting fashion. I am so grateful for the ability to take it online during this time.” Nancy Sanders – HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner), SHL (Sacred Healing Licentiate) 


“I’ve wanted to study A.R.T for a good few years, so I was delighted when the opportunity came around to complete it online. I’m enjoying it so much. The knowledge and skills that we’re learning are invaluable and it brings the treatment of patients to a whole new level. Also on a personal level it has really helped me so much on my own health journey.” Caroline Smyth


Thank you so very much Daniela and Dr Klinghardt for all the work putting this course together! I have already taken in person A.R.T.® courses but find this online course to be much easier to learn from, with the documents and videos. Watching something once is not enough. I like being able to watch the videos over and over and stop and take notes. The course documents are so well put together too, clear and concise and answer many questions that the videos do not.
I am so glad this came about at this time. Even though I have been using A.R.T. with clients for a year now, I feel like my understanding of A.R.T. and the ways to apply A.R.T. has taken a quantum leap because of this course! Laura Hobbs – Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Commencing 12thJanuary 2020 launching at midday (12pm) UK time

GDP £560 /US $700 (subject to exchange rate)



Below is a list of the recommended tools you need to practice the skills covered within the programme.

The tools marked * are essential so if you’re on a restricted budget these are the ones to start with. The remaining tools are all highly recommended and will help you with your practice and in developing your A.R.T. diagnostic skills.

*Pol filter with engraved Signal enhancer

* 1 large Signal Enhancer or Large SE with holes for Ampoules

KiScience Test Kit(Recommended)

2 x Mini signal enhancers

Lyme & Co-infection Slides

Diagnostic CDs(Viruses, Parasites & Mould)

Retrovirus CD

Mirror(15X magnification)

You can purchase any of the above either through the Klinghardt Institute website or from KiScience



Study Aids:  Klinghardt A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing ® Body Scan Aid

The Klinghardt Institute has created an amazing practice aid in the form of a roll-out body made from tough, durable pvc.

Use this in place of a patient when practicing your testing sequence either on your own, imagining the IBP responses, or in twos. Complete with information such as hand positioning, organs and MFT Tapping Points, this study aid will help you follow through the testing locations and progression.

Invaluable to Beginners and wonderfully useful as you progress through the system, this attractive Body Scan Aid features eyelets in each corner for easy mounting and can be hung  in your practice as a beautiful subtle prompt for the practitioner or as a practical aid for patient explanations.

Klinghardt study aid body scan roll out body poster

 Size approx 175x 85cm


Half Price Discount to students on this A.R.T.I online programme using code: Body1

(Actual aid does not include watermarks shown on website image)

Practice is crucial!

Once your A.R.T. flow has become second nature then you will find it easier to pick up on the subtleties of the testing and be able to fine tune your technique. Practice can be done using this test body and bit of imagination by flowing through the stages of testing.

We also have a smaller poster size version available for those with less wall space

LINK HERE for smaller poster

By using A.R.T.™ in a specific way, we can find the area where microbes and toxins are hiding – and the hidden uptake block. With a series of well-researched methods and almost magical keys, we can open this area to uptake our remedies and make the treatment work as A.R.T.™ would have predicted. It is estimated (Y. Omura MD), that the dosage of a remedy has to be increased approximately 20-fold to reach this area otherwise. With the A.R.T.™ based drug-uptake enhancement method, we can achieve wonderful results, using minimal dosages of herbs or – if really needed – medical drugs.

A.R.T.™ is a biofeedback enhanced physical exam, which uses changes in muscle tone as the primary indicator.

Developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D, A.R.T.™ is a comprehensive diagnostic system that has helped to transform many practices around the world into healing centres – and helped many practitioners to become accomplished holistic physicians.