Klinghardt A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing ®Roll-out Body Scan Aid


Klinghardt A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing® Body Scan Training Aid.

Roll out body in pvc for use in practicing testing sequence and as wall display.

Available for shipping from 1st July 2020

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Study Aids:  Klinghardt A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing ® Body Scan Aid

The Klinghardt Institute has created an amazing practice aid in the form of a roll-out body made from tough, durable pvc.

Use this in place of a patient when practicing your testing sequence either on your own, imagining the IBP responses, or in twos. Complete with information such as hand positioning, organs and MFT Tapping Points, this study aid will help you follow through the testing locations and progression.

Invaluable to Beginners and wonderfully useful as you progress through the system, this attractive Body Scan Aid features eyelets in each corner for easy mounting and can be hung  in your practice as a beautiful subtle prompt for the practitioner or as a practical aid for patient explanations.

Size approx 175x 85cm

(Actual aid does not include watermarks shown on website image)

Practice is crucial!

Once you’re A.R.T. flow has become second nature then you will find it easier to pick up on the subtleties of the testing and be able to fine tune your technique. Practice can be done using this test body and bit of imagination by flowing through the stages of testing.