Klinghardt A.R.T. 3 Advanced Online Programme 2021


Led by Dr. Klinghardt, and Daniela Deiosso

The programme starts on 30th November 2021 at 10am UK time.

Price: £875 /US $1200 (subject to exchange rate)

The official Klinghardt online programme including weekly Q&A webinars with Dr Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso.

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Klinghardt A.R.T.™ 3 Advanced Online Programme

led by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso

Launching 30th November 2021

Our Advanced A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing ® training programme is for Practitioners who have completed the A.R.T. 2 Intermediate Programme, either online or in person.

You will learn how to cohesively pull together the practical A.R.T. techniques from A.R.T. 1 & 2 and combine them with real treatment strategies, decoding chronic illness and establishing a comprehensive wellness protocol.

In this programme we focus on detecting and treating medication uptake problems, the most common cause of therapy-resistant chronic illness. Microbes and metals are not everywhere in the body – they create protected domiciles in specific body compartments. Here they secure their survival by creating an, as yet, poorly understood barrier which blocks the entry of immune cells to this area. It also prevents the entry of otherwise effective remedies that have been tested out before for the client’s condition.

By using A.R.T. in a specific way, we can find the area where microbes and toxins are hiding – and the hidden uptake block. With a series of well-researched methods and almost magical keys, we can open this area to uptake our remedies and make the treatment work as A.R.T. would have predicted. It is estimated (Y. Omura MD), that the dosage of a remedy has to be increased approximately 20-fold to reach this area otherwise. With the A.R.T. based drug-uptake enhancement method, we can achieve wonderful results, using minimal dosages of herbs or – if really needed – medical drugs.


A.R.T. Online Programme Format:

The A.R.T. 3 Advanced Programme consists of 4 modules which will be run over 7 weeks (Module 4 will run over 3 weeks to allow for the holidays).

You’ll have access to both the Core Learning Programme and the Discussion Board for a total of 10 weeks until 8th February 2022.

A new module will be released each week giving you access to the Core Learning Programme with the learning topics for that week, along with Consolidation Steps to support your learning.

  • The Core Learning Programme includes:
    • Lectures from Dr Klinghardt teaching you the more advanced Autonomic Response Testing.
    • Videos of Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso carrying out A.R.T. examinations allowing you to see the skills and techniques step-by-step, covering the core learning points for each module. These can be watched at your own pace and as often as you wish within the programme time frame.
    • Downloadable resources including reading materials and PDFs.
    • Practice steps within each module to guide you in developing and honing the A.R.T. skills covered within the programme, building your confidence and competence.
  • Consolidation of Learning:
    • A multiple choice (MCQ) assessment to test your learning at the end of each module.
    • Each module includes a one-hour live online Q&A session led by Dr. Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso. These will take place every Tuesday at 8pm UK, 9pm Europe, 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern. See the dates for these listed below.
    • Discussion Board – this private Discussion forum gives you a space to ask questions, support each other and consolidate your learning. At the start of each module an ice-breaker question will be posted from Dr Klinghardt and Daniela that we ask you to answer to see your understanding of A.R.T. and get to know each of you a little better.


You’ll have access to the core-learning programme content for 10 weeks from the start of the programme (from 30th November through to 8th February 2022) and can view the videos as often as you wish within this time.

All written materials can be downloaded.

You will receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance on condition that you have completed all modules.

Dates for the live Q&A sessions are as follows:

  • Module 1: 7th December
  • Module 2: 14th December
  • Module 3: 21st December
  • Module 4: 11th January

This gives you 3 weeks for Module 4 as we’ll have a break in the Q&A over the holidays.

We encourage you to attend these live Q&A so that you have the opportunity to take part but appreciate that this isn’t always possible across all time zones so the recordings of the Q&A sessions will be added to each module.

Topics covered in the A.R.T. Advanced programme include:

  • A review of the Principles of A.R.T. and skills learned on A.R.T. 1 & 2, building on these over the 5 weeks.
  • Finding Primary Interference fields with A.R.T.
  • Testing and mitigating issues in the 4 layers of our system
  • Personal biography: influence of trauma and unresolved conflicts on our health
  • Evaluating food allergies and incompatibilities
  • Exploring unresolved Trauma and the
  • The importance of the Pineal Gland
  • Sequencing the A.R.T. Exam – the A.R.T. 3 Flowchart
  • Aluminium & Glyphosate: Preventative Solutions and Protocols
  • EMR protection strategies
  • Modifications of A.R.T. for frequently encountered issues
  • A focus on some of Dr Klinghardt’s Key Biological Treatment Protocols

The programme is launching on 30th November 2021 at 10am UK time

Price: £875 /US $1200 (subject to exchange rate)

Please note that this programme is only open to those who have completed the A.R.T. 2 Intermediate programme (either online or in-person).

You should have a good understanding of the following before A.R.T. 3:

  • Omura’s bi-digital O-Ring Test and direct resonance testing (“resonance phenomenon between identical substances”)
  • Drug uptake enhancement (Dr. Omura)
  • Using the marked linear polfilter correctly
  • 2- and 3-pointing, couvert and double couvert 2 -pointing
  • Prioritising
  • Yin and Yang states: use yang testing/remedies for antimicrobials, yin testing /remedies for detox agents



By now you’ll already own and have experience using most of the A.R.T. tools. If you wish to update, replace or add to your tool box, we have included links below to the KiScience website where these can be purchased:

Pol filter with engraved Signal enhancer

Large Signal Enhancer or Large SE with holes for Ampoules

KiScience Test Kit

Mirror(15X magnification)

2 x Mini signal enhancers

Lyme & Co-infection Slides

Viruses, Parasites & Mould Diagnostic DVDs

Retrovirus Diagnostic DVD

Ropeworm Diagnostic DVD

Crisis-19 Diagnostic DVD

Laser pen (red / green / purple)

Laser pen holder

Glass rod

Upright signal enhancer

All tools are available from KiScience who ship to Europe, the US and worldwide every weekday  www.kiscience.com


Study Aids:  Klinghardt A.R.T. Autonomic Response Testing ® Body Scan Aid

The Klinghardt Institute has created a practical aid to help you practice your A.R.T. skills in the form of a roll-out body made from tough, durable PVC.

Use this in place of a patient when practicing your testing sequence either on your own, imagining the IBP responses, or in twos. Complete with information such as hand positioning, organs and MFT Tapping Points, this study aid will help you follow through the testing locations and progression.

The Body Scan Aid features eyelets in each corner for easy mounting and can be hung in your practice as a subtle prompt for the practitioner or as a practical aid for patient explanations.


 Size approx 175x 85cm                

Once your A.R.T. flow has become second nature then you will find it easier to pick up on the subtleties of the testing and be able to fine tune your technique. This aid will help you with the flow through the various stages of testing.

We also have a smaller poster size version available for those with less wall space: approx size 87cm x 42cm

Available here