February Weekend


For those who wish to attend BOTH the ART Beginners Practice AND the Family Constellation workshop

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You may attend the ART Beginners Practice only AND/OR you may wish to attend the Family Constellation workshop only.

However as we are hosting both events back-to-back and in the same venue (The Peredur Centre in East Grinstead in the UK) you may wish to attend both days, so we have a special price offer especially for those who want to attend both days.

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ART Beginners Practice Day

ART Beginners Practice Day; This course,led by Michelle Boudin & Tim Williams, is focused on supporting ART Beginners as well as being open to all ART students wishing to revise, improve and trouble shoot basic technique procedures and practice their skills on each other.

Family Constellation Day

FAMILY CONSTELLATION DAY: In this workshop, Dr Klinghardt will lead the course participants to a deeper understanding of how their illness or unwellness is so often and largely a consequence of unhealed wounds in the distant past, often several generations back.