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Klinghardt Biological Core Protocols 2020

These treatment protocols have emerged from our work at the Sophia Health Institute in Seattle, WA, USA, and have helped many patients, especially those with chronic illness. However, every protocol has to be fine-tuned to the patient using careful observation or A.R.T.® (Autonomic Response Testing). It is so important to understand that many clients do not suffer from the actual diagnosis given to them but from underlying causes different from those implied by their diagnosis. A diagnosis-driven protocol may therefore be ineffective or even wrong.

These protocols are intended for use as a guide to practitioners in the English-speaking world. Depending on regional legislation, some of the products may only be used by licensed medical doctors or not at all. The protocols reflect the experience of the team of doctors around Dr. Klinghardt, but should not be interpreted as medical advice. If a practitioner chooses to use one of the protocols or part of it, he/she will be fully responsible for the outcome.