Biological Core Protocols for Chronic Illness


This Seminar is a unique opportunity to learn about these wide ranging protocols from Dr Klinghardt MD PhD.

The growth of toxins in our environment and food has resulted in a massive growth of chronic illness and debilitating conditions across the globe. This seminar presents the key biological protocols developed by Dr Klinghardt over 4 decades of research and development.

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Holiday Inn Bloomsbury
Coram Street,
London WC1N 1HT

Sunday 9th April 2017
9.30 am – 6.30 pm

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Diagnosing an illness should lead to appropriate treatment. However, the typical medical diagnosis is descriptive, not causal. Arthritis means “inflammation of the joint” – and does not offer any hint at what causes it. Multiple Sclerosis means “sclerosing tissue found in multiple places” – not offering any clue to why the problem is there and not even distantly offering help in regards to finding a relevant solution.

The ART system of diagnosing has allowed us, to detect and understand the true causes of illness. Arthritis – or MS – might be caused by the immune reactions to chronic infections or toxins, or by the epigenetic dysregulation of the genome, or might be caused by the exposure to electromagnetic radiation. From the depth of the insights gained by understanding the true causes of many conditions, new and effective treatment protocols have emerged that have helped countless patients world-wide. Our treatment protocols are most often affordable, elegant, non-invasive and effective.

This seminar will cover:

  • Lyme disease and co-infections:
    • Protocol for the revolutionary provoked PCR test (DNA based urine analysis) for Borrelia burgdorferi and co-infections
    • The unified biological treatment protocol
    • Protocols for Lyme-induced symptoms: insomnia, psychiatric presentations, cardiovascular complications, obesity and lipid disorders, neurological presentations, fatigue, brain fog and memory loss
  • Autism: effective yet gentle, comprehensive and affordable solutions
  • Toxicity: diagnosing metal toxicity; clearing metals across the blood brain barrier; general metal detox; diagnosing and treating herbicide toxicity (glyphosate, atrazine, 2,4-D, etc.); medical approaches
  • Parasites: enema- and herb-based protocols, anti-parasitic agents and their use
  • Biophysics: affordable supportive instruments (cold lasers, infrared light, sound, colour devices, magnetic mats, Rife, Ki footbath)
  • Electromagnetic fields: diagnosing exposure levels and protocols for effective reduction – scientific daytime and nighttime strategies
  • Drug uptake enhancement: crucial energetic tips for concentrating remedies in the target area as well as increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • Finding the right dose: the self-titration method
  • Materia Medica: simple methylation solutions/vitamin protocols.

Download the information flyer here:

ART Training Course