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Autism Solutions Seminar


Sat 10th Feb 2018

A comprehensive review of the most up-to-date practical diagnostic and treatment modalities.

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Emerson College
Forest Row,
East Sussex. RH18 5JX. UK

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The rate of increase in neurodevelopmental disorders is still doubling every five years, without any palpable willingness to address the issue among government departments and policymakers. Families are feeling isolated, helpless, heartbroken – and are often at their wit’s end financially.

This workshop is intended to help struggling families, and also to educate practitioners who seek to become more informed on this topic.

We will first take a brief look at the current literature that is suggestive of the underlying causes. Autism did not appear to exist until 1932, when Dr. Kanner described the condition in the medical literature. Since then there has been a steady rise, families often being led to believe it is their own fault. Little help has been offered by the medical community.

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt has been treating autistic children since 1986, and has gathered a considerable body of valuable experience. Many patients have become neurotypical under his care. In this workshop we will not be discussing behavioural and psychotherapeutic tools. We will offer suggestions for a new, extended biomedical approach that focuses on purely biological tools, to:

  • Reduce the burden of heavy metals and environmental toxins
  • Silence multiple and persistent infections – with a special focus on retroviral infections
  • Modify the purinergic pathway
  • Provide effective protection from electromagnetic radiation
  • Factor in the role of PANS and PANDAS, and discover effective treatment modalities (that do not involve IVIG)

Rather than spending unimaginable sums on modalities with a questionable success rate, we encourage at least one of the parents to become competent in ART (Autonomic Response Testing). This has been shown to greatly reduce the future costs of working with a child, teenager or adult with neurodevelopmental issues. It also allows affected families to stop waiting for their family doctor to learn how to deal with this condition, which is not taught in medical schools – in spite of its huge growth, and the rapidly increasing crisis. The time to act is yesterday! Don’t wait any longer …

Autism Solutions Seminar

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