Weekend With Dr Klinghardt: Sat 4th Nov – ART Fundamentals and Advanced Sun 5th Nov – Metal & Chemical Toxicity Solutions Seminar

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Saturday – ART practical training: for beginners and advanced students

On this 1-day course we will review the ART principles – proper ergonomic testing, body posture and testing dynamics. We will review the 7 factors of chronic illness and how to test for them: toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, structural misalignments, electromagnetic exposures, food allergies, interference fields, psycho-emotional issues. The ART test for each category will be demonstrated and practiced.

The newcomers can spend the afternoon practicing the technique and consolidating what they have learnt, under supervision.

The advanced practitioners will learn the following techniques: applying ART to deeper aspects of heavy metal toxicity, Lyme disease and autism. We will also introduce the work with both the ultraviolet-reflecting and concave mirrors, how to test for and work with coloured light and the work with unresolved psychological issues and trauma.

Sunday – Resolving toxicity: a comprehensive review of practical diagnostic and treatment modalities

a. Diagnosing:

1. For metal toxicity: ART, MELISA, hair analysis, urine challenge and porphyrin testing.
2. For chemicals: ART, urine testing for glyphosate, apheresis and related tests for chemical toxicity. Implementing the RK protocol for toxicity testing.   

b. Treatment

Medical protocols: intravenous EDTA, DMPS, Glutathione, Vit.C, alpha-lipoic acid, newer agents

Oral options: coriander, chlorella, zeolite, DMSA, curcumin, D-Penicillamine, NMBI, melatonin, etc.

Biophysics: light mobilization (photon wave), infrared devices, sauna, ionic footbath, EMR protection (cell phone radiation traps toxic metals inside the body)

In this seminar we will show the exact ART procedure for diagnosing toxicity and determining the best combination of detox measures for the client.

From 9:30am to 5:30pm, 4th & 9:30am to 5pm, 5th November 2017


Emerson College

Forest Row,
East Sussex. RH18 5JX. UK
(Short taxi ride from East Grinstead train station, 50 min from London, Victoria station)

Saturday only: £97
Sunday only: £120
Full Weekend: £199

Light refreshments are included for each day.
The college is located in the countryside, so please bring a packed lunch or book your meal(s) with the college.
For enquiries about accommodation and to book meals please contact Emerson College (www.emerson.org.uk), or call them directly on +44 (0)1342 822 238

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