Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN) with Dr Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso


Date: 11th – 13th November 2022

Location: The Klinghardt Institute, Woodingdean, Brighton, UK.

Places are limited

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Applied Psycho-Neurobiology with Dr Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso

On 11th – 13th November 2022 we will be holding an exclusive APN event led by Dr Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso from our premises in Sussex, UK.

Friday 11th November: 1pm to 6pm

Saturday 12th November: 9am to 6pm 

Sunday 13th November: 9am to 4pm

Please note this is an ‘in person’ event in the U.K., it is not accessible online at this time.
For the safety of all participants, please do not attend if you have been vaccinated (or received a booster) within 2 weeks of the event. 

What is Applied Psycho-Neurobiology?

Applied Psycho-Neurobiology (APN) is an elegant, non-invasive healing technique that can be applied to any physical or mental illness. It’s a body-biofeedback counselling method working on 4 levels: the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and supraconscious mind.

It recognises that most, if not all, medical symptoms, psychiatric illnesses, life crises, relationship issues and emotional states have their origin in the greater domain of consciousness: all are signposts on a growth journey that have deep meaning and want to be understood.

Unresolved emotional conflicts (UEC) and unresolved emotional traumata (UET) from early childhood remain active in our unconscious mind throughout adult life and communicate via the limbic-hypothalamic axis with the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The UEC and UET lead to a constant-conflict specific arousal of portions of the ANS, thus leading to vasoconstriction, ground system and cell membrane changes in the target organs and areas.  This causes chronic biochemical (i.e. methylation defects) and electromagnetic changes, alterations of the immune system (i.e. low CD 57, active Lyme disease), secondary structural changes and illness. Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) can be used as the ideal tool to obtain feedback concerning the state of arousal of the ANS. When the practitioner asks the patient a question which approaches a painful memory, the subconscious sends a stress signal via the ANS to the body that can be detected through a change in muscle tone. Through a series of appropriate questions and A.R.T., the UEC can be rapidly uncovered. APN is used to facilitate this intimate dialogue with the subconscious mind.

The theory and practical application of APN is a synthesis of the work of many researchers, psychologists, chiropractors, medical doctors and others. It is easy to learn and requires mostly common sense – no prior training as a psychotherapist. Even though the results are often dramatic and lasting, the technique is safe and gentle.

Programme Contents

  • The nature of an unresolved conflict? Why bother with old trauma?
  • Illness is a call to understand one’s destiny – and attain inner freedom with resolution
  • Trauma and the epigenetics of methylation
  • The developmental psychology of illness: The intra-uterine period and the Barker hypothesis, birth and other severe traumata, childhood, adolescence and the grown-up years
  • How to use ART to communicate with the subconscious and uncover the past
  • APN principles, technique and flow:
      • Body scan and emotions chart
      • Colour, eye-movements and abnormal reflexes: 3 ways to recognise if a physical problem has psycho-emotional roots
      • Illness as a conditioned reflex: teaching the brain to unlearn illness
  • The APN/MFT healing procedure
  • Practice, practice, practice – and demonstrations!

Practical Applications

• Heavy metal toxicity
• Resolving autoimmunity, Lyme disease and co-infections
• Low back, neck and all other pain problems
• Illnesses of the eyes, ENT, jaw and teeth
• Depression, fatigue and chronic illness
• APN allergy desensitisation technique

What to expect on the event:

The event will include both lectures and live demonstrations with Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso showing how this work is used within a therapeutic context. Those attending will have the opportunity to volunteer for the demos.

Please note: As the demos on this event will be with real life people and situations, please be aware that there may not be the opportunity to demonstrate all aspects of APN work throughout this 3-day programme.

Important! This event will be filmed. Please be aware that as a pre-requisite for attending, we will ask you to sign and return a waiver to us that you agree to be filmed. If you don’t agree to these terms, we request that you don’t sign up for this event.

Taking part in Demos:

If you would like the opportunity to take part in one of the demos with Dr Klinghardt, once you have booked your place, please email with the subject “APN DEMO” giving a brief explanation of the issue that you would like to be addressed. 

If you volunteer, please be aware that these demos may be used in an online APN course. 

Who is APN for?

APN is easy to learn and requires mostly common sense  – no prior training as a psychotherapist. Even though the results are often dramatic and lasting, the technique is safe and gentle.

Requirement for attending:

This live APN programme is for practitioners who have completed A.R.T. 2 and MFT 1.

Places are limited.

Times & Refreshments:

We will be starting on the Friday at 1pm, please arrive at 12.30am to ensure we can start promptly. Please see times for each day at the top of this website listing.

Coffee, tea and light snacks are provided during the breaks.

We will only have a 1 hour lunch break and there are very limited options to get food locally so we advise that you bring your own lunch. 


The Klinghardt Institute
14 Hunns Mere Way,



Car: Accessible by road via M23, A23 and A27 to B2123. Take the exit for B2123 from A27

Bus: from Brighton Train Station take bus number 22 to Woodingdean (Bus from Newhaven station 12/12A/12X)

We are 45 mins from Gatwick Airport and 1hr 40mins from Heathrow Airport

Local Taxis:

South Coast taxis: 01273 301111

Brighton Taxis: 01273 730730

Brighton City Chauffeur | Airport Taxi Brighton Gatwick taxis Heathrow cars: 01273 687011

The venue is accessible for people with a mobility impairment.

Please contact us if you have any special requirements or concerns, email