Advanced ART Course with Dr Klinghardt MD, PhD


Sun 14th Jan

Starting time 9.30 am

Lunch 12.45 pm – vegetarian lunch is included.

Finishing time 6.30 pm


Emerson College
Forest Row,
East Sussex. RH18 5JX. UK

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This course is reserved for practitioners who have attended our previous courses and have mastered the hands-on part of ART.

In this course we will focus on detecting and treating medication uptake problems, the most common cause of therapy-resistant chronic illness. Microbes and metals are not everywhere in the body – they create protected domiciles in specific body compartments. Here they secure their survival by creating a yet poorly understood barrier, which block the entry of immune cells to this area. It also prevents the entry of otherwise effective remedies that have been tested out before for the client’s condition.

By using ART in a specific way, we can find the area where microbes and toxins are hiding – and the hidden uptake block. With a series of well-researched methods and almost magical keys we can open this area to uptake our remedies and make the treatment work as ART would have predicted. It is estimated (Y. Omura MD), that the dosage of a remedy has to be increased approximately 20-fold to reach this area otherwise. With the ART based drug-uptake enhancement method we can achieve wonderful results, using minimal dosages of herbs or – if really needed – medical drugs.

During this ART training we will repeat the principles of ART, warming you up by testing each other.

Please bring all your ART tools including your test kits and your treatment tables if you can.

Please stay on whatever protocol you are on and bring all the supplements/medications that you are taking or considering taking.

Please remember not to wear essential oils or perfumes as these can alter the testing and cause blockages in the system.