A.R.T. 1 Online Practice Session – 11th March 2023


Saturday 11th March, 4pm

This 90 minute online practice session is open to all who have taken A.R.T. 1 and wish to practice and review their skills with guidance and support.
It has been designed to help you perfect, improve and gain confidence in the A.R.T. techniques.

Led by Michaela Jezzard

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A.R.T. 1 Level Online Practice Event  – Saturday 11th March

A 90 minute session starting at 4pm UK time (8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 5pm Central Europe, 8pm Abu Dhabi, midnight Hong Kong on 12th March – check the time in your location here)

This 90 minute online practice event is especially designed for those who have taken A.R.T. 1 and wish to practice their skills and testing technique in an online session guided by one of our Klinghardt Institute teachers.

In these online sessions we ask that you keep your camera on while you practice so that the teacher(s) can see you practice and answer any questions that you have, offering advice and correction where needed to help you improve your A.R.T. testing technique.

The session will be led by Michaela Jezzard, an experienced A.R.T. Practitioner who we are proud to have on the Klinghardt Institute Teaching team. Michaela has been personally trained by Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso over a number of years.


The session will focus on A.R.T. testing techniques including the following, depending on the needs of those online:

  • A.R.T. testing technique: correct testing posture and common pitfalls
  • The straight arm test: strong arm and weak arm
  • Interpreting the different arm states
  • The stress state and vagus test
  • Direct resonance test
  • Yin and Yang
  • Open and blocked regulation
  • How to test the organs
  • Perfecting the tap and tone technique

This session is for you if you’ve taken the A.R.T. 1 Beginners Programme and you’d benefit from:

  • the opportunity to revise and clarify the basics, checking and honing your technique
  • seeing practical A.R.T. demonstrations with the opportunity to ask questions
  • practicing online alongside other students with the opportunity to be observed by the Klinghardt teachers with tips to correct your technique
  • a confidence boost that you’re doing things correctly!

Please Note: This is a  PRACTICE event, NOT a training event and as such it’s only available to those that have completed A.R.T.1 

Price: £45

To get the most out of this session please be organised and prepared:

  • This session requires a minimum of 2 people – a practitioner and an arm so that you can follow along with the demonstrations (consider engaging family members to help!)
  • Have your Ki Science test kit and A.R.T. tools prepared and close to hand
  • Read through your previous course notes and refresh your memory before the session
  • Have note-taking equipment to hand & take notes!
  • Make sure your computer is set up and your audio and camera are working (check your Zoom settings for both)

About Michaela Jezzard, BA (Oxon), DipION, mBANT, CNHC, CFSP, GNC

Michaela is an award-wining Registered Nutritional Therapist, having completed further training with the IFM and British Society for Ecological Medicine, and has specialist training in integrative cancer. She has studied extensively in A.R.T., MFT and APN with Dr Klinghardt,  keeping up to date with the latest advances and techniques and was invited to join the Klinghardt Institute teaching team.

She has also studied under Dr Deanna Minich in bringing together Western medicine and Eastern energy medicine, with a focus on colour medicine. She specialises in finding the missing pieces to unravel complex cases, identifying the underlying root causes and imbalances and bringing together various modalities such as nutrition, lifestyle, detox, functional lab tests, trauma work, and colour therapy to bring back balance and support the body’s innate ability to heal.

Specialisms include immune system disorders such as autoimmunity, cancer, chronic pathogens, parasites, Lyme disease, Long Covid, ME/CFS; heavy metal toxicity and thyroid disorders. Michaela currently works alongside an Integrative Medical Doctor at Hightree Medical Clinic in Sussex where patients can combine a variety of diagnostic and treatment concepts including IVs, oxygen therapies, blood tests, Oligoscan testing, PEMF and photonwave.