Mindful Medicine – A humanistic approach to a person suffering from chronic Lyme disease

© By Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, USA

Who is the person?
We are all defined by 4 relationships

  1. Relationship to others: ancestors, parents, family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, community, country, religious group. Relationships can be supportive and giving, or destructive and taking. Treatment: with friends and colleagues we have a choice: “work” on relationship or move away. Family:
    heal the bond (constellation work, systemic PK)
  2. Relationship to oneself (relations between the sub-personalities). Dis-chord creates disfunction in all subsystems: chakras, meridians, nervous system, metabolism, hormonal and digestive system, etc. Treatment: psychotherapy, changing the inner dialogue. Changing bad habits to healthy ones
  3. Relationship to nature and material world: money, things, house and home, the surrounding nature, nature at large. Treatment: careful look. Am I exploiting nature with my investments and my type of work or am I a good steward of the land. How do I use my money?
  4. Relationship to the divine. What happens when we die?

Where and how does the person live?

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