A.R.T.® Foundation Level Group ‘Mock’ Exam Day – 24th June 2024

A.R.T.® Foundation Level Group ‘Mock’ Exam Day – 24th June 2024

A one-day event especially designed for those preparing to take the A.R.T. Foundation Level Exam. You will have the opportunity to run through a 'mock' exam as part of a small group (maximum 6 people) with feedback and correction to help you to be prepared and ready to take the Practical exam.

with Michaela Jezzard


This day is designed for those who would like to take a mock exam in a small group setting in preparation for taking the A.R.T. ® Foundation Level Practical exam. You will have the opportunity to run through a mock exam with feedback from Michaela. As a group you will each benefit from seeing each other’s mock and learning from the feedback given.

We are accepting a maximum of 6 people on this 1-day event to ensure you each have the opportunity to run through an A.R.T. exam and receive feedback.

This is an excellent and unique learning opportunity with Michaela who heads up the Klinghardt Institute teaching team. She will offer you correction and advice prior to taking your practical exam and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.


Who is this practice session for?

This is open to those booking their exams in June or for those preparing for their exam at a later date.

Prerequisites to attend:

  • Completion of A.R.T. 2. You must have been practising the skills and techniques.
  • Attendance at the weekend Foundation Level practice session on the 22nd-23rd June.
  • You should be ready to take your exam but looking for to fine tune and make final corrections before taking the Practical Exam.

Mocks are not a prerequisite to take your Foundation Level exam but we highly advise that you take a mock exam first, either as part of a group or one-to-one online.



A few requests to attendees:

  • Please bring all your A.R.T. tools including your test kits as you would for the real practical exam.
  • Stay on whatever protocol you are on and bring all the supplements/medications that you are taking or considering taking.
  • Please do not wear essential oils or perfumes as these can alter the testing and cause blockages in the system.
  • All mobile phones must be switched off during the event.



10am – 5.30pm

Travel, Accommodation & Food

Location: 14, Hunns Mere Way, Brighton BN2 6AH, UK (see map further down this page).
If you haven’t visited us before, travel directions will be sent out with your joining instructions.

Breaks and Lunch:

Lunch is not included – we advise that you bring your own lunch as we’ll only have an hour and there are limited options close by. There is a small Tesco about 10 mins walk away if you need to buy any food. Organic, gluten-free snacks and tea, coffee and water will be provided in the breaks.


The closest hotel to the Institute is : The Downs Hotel, Warren Rd, Brighton BN2 6BB 01273 390860 http://downs-hotel.co.uk/

Rottingdean is about 8 minutes by car and has the following:  Ye Old Black Horse 65 High St, Rottingdean, Brighton BN2 7HE 01273 300491 01273 300491 https://www.yeoldeblackhorse.com/

A full accommodation list can be sent on request.


About Michaela Jezzard, BA (Oxon), DipION, mBANT, CNHC, CFSP, GNC

Michaela is an award-wining Registered Nutritional Therapist, having completed further training with the IFM and British Society for Ecological Medicine, and has specialist training in integrative cancer. She has studied extensively in A.R.T., MFT and APN with Dr Klinghardt, keeping up to date with the latest advances and techniques. Michaela leads the Klinghardt Institute teaching team, supporting Dr Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso in looking after the syllabus for our practice sessions and the Foundation Level exams.

She specialises in finding the missing pieces to unravel complex cases, identifying the underlying root causes and imbalances and bringing together various modalities such as nutrition, lifestyle, detox, functional lab tests, trauma work, and colour therapy to bring back balance and support the body’s innate ability to heal. Specialisms include immune system disorders such as autoimmunity, cancer, chronic pathogens, parasites, Lyme disease, Long Covid, ME/CFS; heavy metal toxicity and thyroid disorders. Michaela currently works alongside an Integrative Medical Doctor at Hightree Medical Clinic in Sussex where patients can combine a variety of diagnostic and treatment concepts including IVs, oxygen therapies, blood tests, Oligoscan testing, PEMF and photonwave.



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