A.R.T.® 1 One-Day Practice Event in Sussex, UK – March 2024

A.R.T.® 1 One-Day Practice Event in Sussex, UK – March 2024

This one-day A.R.T. 1 practice event is at the Klinghardt Institute in Sussex, UK and will be led by Michaela Jezzard and Kathy Pasch. It is designed for A.R.T. students and practitioners wishing to revise, improve and consolidate the foundational A.R.T. skills and testing technique in a live group environment. Completion of A.R.T. 1 is a pre-requisite for attending.

Led by Michaela Jezzard & Kathy Pasch

Date: Saturday 16th March 2024, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Location: The Klinghardt Institute, Sussex, UK

Pricing: £180 (£150+VAT)

About the Practice Day:

If you are an A.R.T. student / practitioner and would like to practice and revise your A.R.T. skills and testing technique in a live group environment then this practice event is designed for you.

Michaela and Kathy will review the basics of A.R.T. testing with you, giving you hands on help to improve and become more confident with your technique. Both have assisted Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso in recent clinics so are are able to bring you up to date with the latest methods they use and the way that A.R.T. has evolved in this post-covid era. If you’ve completed the A.R.T. 1 Beginners programme and would like to add the opportunity to practice and refine your technique with hands-on guidance, then this event will give you the practical focus to feel more confident in your testing and practice.

Please note: this is a Practice Event, not an A.R.T. course. It is only open to students who have completed A.R.T. 1 or above, either online or in person.

What will be covered?

  • The correct positioning of tools and people
  • The correct arm test technique
  • Calibrating the arm to get the correct baseline
  • How to tell the difference between the strong arm and the weak arm
  • The steps of the basic A.R.T. Exam
  • How to check regulation
  • How to correct blocked regulation
  • Testing for switching
  • The organ scan
  • How to find the priority organ and how to resolve
  • Testing the matrix
  • Testing the intracellular level and how to resolve
  • Tapping to clear blocks
  • Testing the matrix
  • How to test binders
  • The yin mudra and vagus point to interpret the arm states
  • Testing food for primary and secondary allergies


Who is this Practice Day for?

This practice day is designed for everyone who has trained in A.R.T. to at least the Beginners Level (A.R.T. 1), who wishes to practice and improve their testing technique as part of a group, with support from our teachers. The testing technique is the basis of being a good A.R.T. practitioner and we recommend that ALL practitioners, not just new students, come to these sessions to practise and make sure they haven’t slipped into any bad habits!

You’ll have the opportunity to practice with different partners to improve your calibration and confidence with the techniques and to get hands on correction and answers to your questions from Michaela and Kathy. The day is designed to improve your confidence and skills in A.R.T. helping you to achieve better results.


A few requests to attendees:

  • Please bring all your A.R.T. tools including your test kits.
  • Stay on whatever protocol you are on and bring all the supplements/medications that you are taking or considering taking.
  • Please do not wear essential oils or perfumes as these can alter the testing and cause blockages in the system.
  • All mobile phones must be switched off during the event.

Travel, Accommodation & Food

14, Hunns Mere Way, Brighton BN2 6AH, UK

Lunch: Lunch is not included – we advise that you bring your own lunch as we’ll only have an hour and there are limited options close by. There is a small Tesco about 10 mins walk away if you need to buy any food. Organic, gluten-free snacks and tea, coffee and water will be provided in the breaks.

Accommodation: The closest hotel to the Institute is The Downs Hotel, Warren Rd, Brighton BN2 6BB 01273 390860 http://downs-hotel.co.uk/

Rottingdean is approximately 8 minutes by car:  Ye Old Black Horse 65 High St, Rottingdean, Brighton BN2 7HE 01273 300491 01273 300491 https://www.yeoldeblackhorse.com/

A list of local accommodation can be sent on request, else there are numerous hotels in Brighton.

About the Teachers

See ‘Our Team’ page for more information about our teachers.

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