A.R.T. Advanced Training Day

A.R.T. Advanced Training Day

Using A.R.T. to Remove the Psychological Causes of Illness: a one-day event for Intermediate and Advanced A.R.T. practitioners and students.

with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt PhD and Daniela Deiosso MSc

In this 1 day Intermediate / Advanced workshop with Dr Klinghardt PhD and Daniela Deiosso MSc you will learn about the power of combining A.R.T. with work at the higher levels of healing (of the Five Levels of Healing model).

In Dr Klinghardt and Daniela’s experience, once practitioners learn to treat the underlying psychological issues, most physical issues tend to improve on their own. When people get to the stage when they can work on this level they often find they use less medications and supplements. With A.R.T. we can make the invisible visible.

What you will learn:

  • How to address issues at the higher levels of the Five Levels of Healing.
  • Working with A.R.T together with techniques from MFT (Mental Field Technique) and APN (Applied Psychoneurobiology).
  • Using the Tap and Tone technique to remove blocks to healing.
  • Why Mental Field Technique is a primary healing tool within the 5 Levels of Healing.
  • An understanding of downward causation: how issues at the higher levels cause symptoms at the lower levels. Many of the symptoms we find at the lower levels are caused by issues at the higher levels so to address them we need to work at a higher level.
  • How to use mirrors with different reflection wavelengths to make contact with your ancestry, trauma and unresolved family conflicts.
  • How to use low level laser pointers of different colours to find and resolve disturbances in your biofield.
  • How to know when not to use any medication and trust the system to complete the healing without further help or intervention.


Who is this event for?

The minimum requirement to attend this workshop is A.R.T. 2. We ask that you have been practising A.R.T.  (not to just have completed the online programme without practicing the skills and techniques).


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Special Offer!

We’re offering a special price for those attending both of the following events:

  • Friday 19th April: Advanced A.R.T. Training Day with Dr Klinghardt & Daniela Deiosso
  • Saturday 20th April: Family Constellation Day

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