A.R.T. 1 Online Practice Session – UK / US / Europe

A.R.T. 1 Online Practice Session – UK / US / Europe

A 90 minute online practice event designed for those who have taken A.R.T. 1 and wish to practice with guidance and support from an experienced practitioner.

A.R.T. 1 Level Online Practice Event  – Saturday 2nd September

A 90 minute practice session starting at 5.30pm UK  (6.30pm Central Europe, 9.30am Pacific, 12.30pm Eastern – check the time in your location here)

This 90 minute online practice event is especially designed for those who have taken A.R.T. 1 and wish to practice their skills and testing technique in an online session guided by one of our Klinghardt Institute teachers. We have timed this before the start of A.R.T. 2 so that you can practice and hone your technique ready to build upon it in the intermediate A.R.T. programme.

In these online sessions we ask that you keep your camera on while you practice so that the teacher(s) can see you practising and check your technique, offering advice and correction where needed to help you improve your A.R.T. testing to help you get better results. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions during the session.

The session will be led by Kathy Pasch who we are fortunate to have on our UK teaching team. Kathy is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist and A.R.T. practitioner trained by Dr Klinghardt and Daniela Deiosso. She runs her own successful practice in North London.

Learning goals

By the end of this session, you should be able to:
– Calibrate for the straight arm test correctly
– Feel the difference between strong and weak arm
– Accurate use of the tapping points
– Testing the organs correctly
– Yin mudra
– Vagus nerve test for stress state
– Understand how to use 2-pointing in the context of clearing the blocks
– Understand how to interpret your strong and weak arm
– How to test food allergies (if time, depending on the needs of those online)

This session is for you if you’ve taken the A.R.T. 1 Beginners Programme and you’d benefit from:

  • the opportunity to revise and clarify the basics, checking and honing your technique
  • seeing practical A.R.T. demonstrations with the opportunity to ask questions
  • practicing online alongside other students with the opportunity to be observed by the Klinghardt teachers with tips to correct your technique
  • a confidence boost that you’re doing things correctly!

Please Note:

This is a  PRACTICE event, NOT a training event and as such it’s only available to those that have completed A.R.T. 1 

Price: £45

To get the most out of this session please be organised and prepared:

  • This session requires 3 people – you will need an arm and a patient so that you can follow along with the demonstrations (consider engaging family members to help!)
  • You need a therapy table / bed for the patient to lie down
  • Have your Ki Science test kit and A.R.T. tools prepared and close to hand
  • Read through your previous course notes and refresh your memory before the session
  • Have note-taking equipment to hand & take notes!
  • Make sure your computer is set up and your audio and camera are working (check your Zoom settings for both)

About Kathy Pasch MSc, IFMCP, AFMCP, CNMdip, mBANT, CNHC ,mANP, GNC ,mIFM

Kathy is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist and A.R.T. practitioner. She has over a decade of experience in various aspects of health, having first become interested in Functional Medicine and the power of nutrition following her own adventure with ill health.

She became fascinated with solving complex and chronic conditions. Her success in helping clients with multifactorial conditions is a result of her wealth of knowledge and intuition, combined with a sincere warmth and compassion.

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