A.R.T. 1 & 2 One-Day Practice Session in Ireland

A.R.T. 1 & 2 One-Day Practice Session in Ireland

This 'in-person' practice session hosted by the Klinghardt Institute is open to all who have taken A.R.T. 1 and wish to practice and review their skills with guidance and hands-on support. It has been designed to help you perfect, improve and gain confidence in the A.R.T. techniques.

Hosted by The Klinghardt Institute

Saturday 17th June, 10am – 5pm

This practice event is especially designed for those who have taken A.R.T. 1 & A.R.T. 2 and wish to practice their skills and testing technique in an ‘in-person’ group session guided by one of our Klinghardt Institute teachers. You’ll have the opportunity for hands on practice with guidance and correction to improve your A.R.T. technique and flow. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about any of the A.R.T. 1 & 2 skills and testing.

The session will be led by Rhoda Kingston. Rhoda is an experienced A.R.T. Practitioner with a successful practice who we are proud to have on the Klinghardt Institute Teaching team. Rhoda first discovered A.R.T. in 2007 and since then has taught A.R.T. 1 and 2 in Ireland, the UK and Australia.


The session will focus on the A.R.T. testing techniques and flow including the following, depending on the needs of those present:

  • A.R.T. testing technique: correct testing posture and common pitfalls
  • The straight arm test: strong arm and weak arm
  • Interpreting the different arm states
  • The stress state and vagus test
  • Direct resonance test
  • Yin and Yang
  • Assessing open or blocked regulation
  • How to test the organs
  • Calibration
  • Checking regulation and the opening angle
  • Clearing blocked regulation and switching
  • The organ scan
  • Priority Mudra
  • 2-pointing to find the cause and the solution
  • Perfecting the tap and tone technique
  • Correct use of the A.R.T. tools and test kit

Who is this practice session for?

This Practice day is designed for those who have taken the A.R.T. 1 Beginners Programme, either in person or online, who wish to improve, revise and practice their skills. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get hand-on support from Rhoda!

This is for you if you’d benefit from:

  • the opportunity to revise and clarify the basics, checking and honing your technique
  • seeing A.R.T. testing demonstrated with the chance to ask questions
  • practising alongside other students with hands on correction available
  • a confidence boost that you’re doing things correctly!

A few requests to attendees:

  • Please bring all your A.R.T. tools including your test kits.
  • Stay on whatever protocol you are on and bring all the supplements/medications that you are taking or considering taking.
  • Please do not wear essential oils or perfumes as these can alter the testing and cause blockages in the system.
  • Turn all mobile phones on to flight mode and then to switch them off during the event.
  • Read through your previous course notes and refresh your memory before the day!

Times & Refreshments:

We will be starting at 10am, please arrive on time to ensure we can start promptly.

Lunch & refreshments:

We are offering refreshments plus a gluten-free, vegetarian lunch for €10. Please confirm after booking that you would like to take this option and bring cash on the day!
If you do not want to take us up on the lunch offer, there are very limited options to get food locally so please bring your own lunch.


Skibbereen, Country Cork, Ireland.


Skibbereen is approximately 4 hours drive from Dublin or 1hr 15 mins from Cork Airport

There is a bus from Cork to Skibbereen

The venue is accessible for people with a mobility impairment.

Please contact us if you have any special requirements or concerns.

About Rhoda Kingston B.A, BHSc, Dip

Rhoda first came across A.R.T. in 2007 and it blew her mind! Since then, she has used A.R.T. with patients across the world. She has taught A.R.T. 1 and 2 in Ireland, the U.K. and also in Australia between 2012 and 2016.

Rhoda completed a BHSc in Naturopathy, Nutrition and herbal medicine in Australia and is a qualified acupuncturist. Her passion is helping people with complex gut issues like Crohn’s and Colitis, leaky gut and intolerances. Her default specialty has become Lyme and chronic illness as A.R.T. is so good at unveiling the hidden pathogens and finding the best remedies. She even uses A.R.T. to test pets and some of her farm animals!


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