Dr. Klinghardt Biological Lyme Protocol

Klinghardt Protocols

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Persistent Lyme and co-infections

Step 1: The foundation

After establishing your protocol: put all the recommended tinctures and powders together, add phospholipids (MicroPhos), blend and drink!

Cistus tea (prevention of tick bites, dissolves biofilm, borreliacidal, anti-fungal, anti-retroviruses) – start with 2 cups per day, slowly increase to 8 cups per day. As soon as any improvement is noticed, stay with that dose without further increase. If a die-off effect or worsening occurs, go back to the last tolerated dose. Sweeten with whole leaf stevia, if Borrelia is suspected.

Binders – 2 options:

a. Lava Vitae (special zeolite – has scooper inside): 2 scoops 2-3 times daily between meals and/or at bedtime

b. Chlorella: 8-16 tablets (250 mg each) 3 times per day 30 min before meals or at bedtime (binders have the job of capturing mobilized biotoxins in the intestinal tract to prevent their re-absorption)

Hyaluronic Acid Liquid: Teases microbes out of protected hiding places; nutrient for joints and connective tissue. The Ki-Science product has the exact Dalton molecular size for complete sublingual uptake. Take 3 – 4 dropperfuls twice daily. If joint pain is the main presenting issue, consider a third dose.

Step 2: The liposomal antimicrobial cocktail: KiVita

To increase the depth of penetration of the mix, an ultrasound jewellery cleaning device can be used (costs less than £30). Put water in the chamber, place the tincture bottle in it – after shaking it manually and vigorously – and vibrate for 12 – 15 minutes.

Slowly titrate doses to tolerance. Start with A.R.T.-tested dose 4 times/day (or start with 2 drops 4 times/day), keep in the mouth before swallowing for 2 minutes. Increase by 2 drops once/week for each dose. If worsening: go back to last tolerated dose, wait, and start to increase again. Full dose: 1 pipette 4 times/day and weekend dose of 1-2 tbsp twice daily. Once the full dose is tolerated add 1-2 knife tips or 1- 2 grams of Artemisia forte to the next full bottle of KiVita, shake until dissolved and vibrate in the ultrasound device for 15 minutes. Keep using the same way as before. Once full tolerance is achieved we like to use larger weekend doses: 2 tablespoons of KiVita twice daily for 2 consecutive days, then the same dosing as before on weekdays.

If patient still is symptomatic or A.R.T. tests for one of the co-infections, single test these items to add to the daily doses

Sweet Annie plus Sweet Stevie (known effects of S.A.: anti-protozoal, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory. Stevia: anti-Lyme, biofilm penetrating): 1 drop twice daily each, double every 3 days until improvement of any symptom is noticed. If a dose of 2 pipettes twice daily is reached and has to be increased, start a 3rd dose in the middle of the day. If a die-off effect or worsening is noticed, go back to the last tolerated dose and stay there for at least 10 days before attempting to increase the dose again. Do not exceed 2 full pipettes three times per day. Stay on that dose if no further change is noticed and add the next item.

Andrographis + (known effects of the ingredients: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative, anti-aging): start with 1 drop twice daily, titrate to tolerated and effective dose.

Coriandolo Plus (known effects: removal of toxic metals, normalizes serum lipids, increases bile flow): start with 1 drop twice daily, increase to full dose of 2 dropperfuls 3 times per day as tolerated. This item can also be used separately from the cocktail in a cup of water. Best if combined with 20-30 min ionic footbath twice weekly.

Propolis Tincture (known effects: anti-viral, radioprotective, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. In our experience: powerful anti-Bartonella effects): titrate carefully to tolerated dosage. Some patients might be allergic to propolis, which should be picked up early during initial titration). Full dose: 2 dropperfuls 3 times per day

Propolis Spray: Organic throat spray available in options for Kids and Adults – 2 nebulisations 4 times daily

(Consider also Propolis diffuser)

Ag23: this is a unique low-potency homeopathic preparation of nanonized silver with a multitude of documented broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties. It does not cause silver storage problems (such as skin discoloration) as many colloidal silver products could do if taken for long periods of time. Silver has been shown to work on its own, but it also potentizes the effect of other anti-microbials (Science Translational Medicine 19 June 2013: 5(190); 190ra81;  Scientific American June 20, 2013). Like other homeopathics, Ag23 is taken straight and undiluted away from all other items, including food, water or other drinks. Dosage: 2 tablespoons 2-3 times per day

  • Most patients benefit from decreasing the aluminium burden of lungs and brain. Aluminium has been shown to enhance the virulence of Lyme. Add Polmolo to the mix and titrate the optimal dose in the same manner. This can be done independent of the presence of Lyme or other related infections. Common dose: 2-4 pipettes 3 times/day
  • Many Lyme patients have undiagnosed kidney problems since the inner lining of the kidney, ureter, bladder, and urethra are favourite hiding and feasting places of Lyme and Co.  Renolo: take separately from the cocktail in a glass of water and titrate to the effective dose. Full dose: 3 dropperfuls 3 times per day in a full glass of clean water. Can also be squirted onto food (salad dressing, cooked veggies, etc.)
  • Melatonin: increase brain and CNS levels (see sleep protocol)

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Melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland, works directly and indirectly as a free radical scavenger. Its other physiological or pharmacological activities could be dependent or independent of receptors located in different cells, organs, and tissues. In addition to its role in promoting sleep and circadian rhythms regulation, it has important immunomodulatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective effects suggesting that this indole must be considered as a therapeutic alternative against infections. The aim of this review is to describe the effects of melatonin on oxidative stress and the resistance to bacterial (Klebsiella pneumoniae, Helicobacter pylori, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and Clostridium perfringens), viral (Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus and respiratory syncytial virus), and parasitic (Plasmodium spp., Entamoeba histolytica, Trypanosoma cruzi, Toxoplasma gondii, and Opisthorchis viverrini) infections.

  • Andrographis + ; a KiScience synergistic mix of herbs that are highly anti viral, including Andrographis, Artemisia annua, Liquorice, Calendula, Rosemary & Scutellaria. Andrographis paniculata is a powerful anti-furin strategy– 15 drops, 2-3 times daily

The above dosages recommended above are for a 70 kg person

More information and scientific references: view the powerpoint presentation “Lyme Solutions” from the workshop in London, February 2016 www.KlinghardtInstitute.com. Most items used in this protocol can be sourced from www. KiScience.com. The individual ingredients of the herbs can be viewed in an attachment of the same presentation. Other suppliers can be used as long as the products are sourced carefully and meet the sensitive exclusion criteria. Herbs may have the same name but may not have the same amount of biological activity. During the initial active treatment phase antioxidant vitamins have been shown to be an obstacle rather than helpful. Most chronic Lyme patients start feeling better after 3-4 months on this protocol and reach a profound level of recovery after 18 months. Some patients who were severely ill for many years and have taken antibiotics for more than 3 months may need a safe, simple, inexpensive and well tolerated maintenance dose of some of these liposomal herbs for the rest of their life.

Klinghardt Detox Support Protocol

Klinghardt Detox Support Protocol

Click here to download Coriandolo Plus tincture – specially grown organic cilantro + 7 flower stem cell extracts: slowly titrate from 5 drops twice daily to 2 dropperfull (=30 drops) 3 times daily (t.i.d) 30 min before each meal (mobilizes toxic metals, also...

Klinghardt Detox Support Protocol

Klinghardt Detox Support Protocol

Click here to download Coriandolo Plus tincture – specially grown organic cilantro + 7 flower stem cell extracts: slowly titrate from 5 drops twice daily to 2 dropperfull (=30 drops) 3 times daily (t.i.d) 30 min before each meal (mobilizes toxic metals, also...