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ART Modules Content

Module 2

Correct use of Dr.Omura’s bi-digital O-ring test (BIDORT)

  • Testing food sensitivities and foods as medicine
  • Testing nutritional supplements and remedies

Module 3

Biophoton physics and light physiology: the science behind ancient healing interventions

Introduction to the ART light-based diagnostic system:

  • the signal enhancer
  • working with the linear polarization filter
  • frequency specific mirrors

Module 4

The use of the straight arm test:

  • ergonomics, body position, reproducible setup, dynamics, reliability and validity
  • direct vs indirect testing
  • correct testing of the major organs and structures: location, anatomy, health vs pathology
  • testing in the field: the 2-dimensional projection of a 3 dimensional structure. A practical application of one of Stephen Hawkins’s most remarkable and late insights
  • deep palpation and other challenges
  • low level laser diagnostics: the smart use of the magic of light

Module 5

Toxicity: symptoms, ART-based diagnosis and treatment. The “direct resonance phenomenon between identical substances”

  • Aluminium
  • Mercury and lead
  • Glyphosate

Module 6

Biophysical stress: ART based evaluation and mitigation

  • Geopathic stress: science and the reliable diagnostic Luedke test
  • Microwave stress from cellphone radiation
  • Low frequency fields

Module 7

The dental contribution to chronic illness: ART based diagnosis

  • Biocompatibility of dental restorations
  • Amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity
  • The root canal issue
  • The NICO lesions and retroviral activity
  • Pros and cons of dental implants. Titanium vs ceramic
  • The jaw, the bite and your health

Module 8

Muscle-tone biofeedback (ART) enhanced physical exam

of our neurological and energetic systems

  • Cranial nerve exam, sensory and motor nerves
  • Analysis of the brain structures
  • Evaluation of the autonomic ganglia
  • Dysfunctional flow in meridians and active acupuncture points
  • Chakra diagnosis
  • The unintended cost of scars, tattoos and piercings: diagnosis and treatment

Module 9

Using ART to communicate with the subconscious mind (biofeedback counselling)

  • The unresolved psycho-emotional conflict
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • ART based healing interventions
  • Family systems oriented assessment and interventions
  • Past lives and other influences

Module 10

Putting all the pieces together:

  • integrating ART into a wholistic assessment
  • including ART in guiding labwork , imaging and interventions
  • ART based remedy selection
  • Demonstrations with volunteers


Module 10: Putting all the pieces together: integrating ART into a wholistic assessment; ART to guide lab work , imaging and interventions; ART-based remedy selection

ART is an extension of the physical exam. It does not replace lab work and imaging techniques or good psychological work. However, the technique allows the practitioner to determine the level of reality, where the illness has its origin – and allows us to treat on the causal level rather than the level of the symptoms (which are always on the physical or emotional level = downward causation).

When an issue localizes with the deliberate process of ART in an organ or system, a confirmatory objective test should be recommended (Example: If the thyroid localizes after unblocking, un-switching and prioritizing, a thyroid panel should be ordered and the results should be included in the therapeutic decisions – with appropriate lab follow-up). We could show in a peer-reviewed publication/study that every dysfunctional tissue, that showed up as priority with ART, also showed up as severely compromised in a follow-up ultrasound exam (Klinghardt, D. “The Ruggiero-Klinghardt (RK) Protocol for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Conditions with Particular Focus on Lyme Disease.” American Journal of Immunology 13.2 (2017): 114-126)

The KiScience remedies are based on the current peer-reviewed literature and the collective experience and feedback from many healthcare providers from all over the world.

1. Heart: always 2-point to the lower retromolar area and test it for retroviruses: broccoli sprout extract, Retro-V powder, Organic Cistus incanus, Artemisia Forte, Hydrogen Footbath (as handbath); selenium. If the patient tests for 5- HTP (5-Hydroxy Tryptophane): lab test for the coxsackie virus family

2. Systemic Lyme disease and co-infections: test and treat the retroviruses (1) first, then consider: KiVita or Astra Smile, Artemisia Forte, Argentyn 23, Hyaluronic acid, Cistus tea plus Stevia, KiGold, LymeCo Balance powder, Propolis plus, Hydrogen Footbath (4:1 ratio handbath/footbath)

3. Brain: KiBrain, Gingko Flow, Sleep Support tincture, RayWave. Look for Babesia (2), dental infections (1) and the Herpes virus “family”: Viral Immune Support, MegasporeBiotic. Also check for StrepSupport tincture (PANS/PANDAS); Hydrogen Handbath

4. Systemic Toxicity: Polmolo, Coriandolo Plus, Renolo, Detox Support powder, Hydrogen Footbath, Chlorella, Zeolite LavaVitae. For glyphosate: Peet Extract, Liver Support, Broccoli Sprout Extract, BioGarlic

5.ElectroHypersensitivity (EHS): RayWave, Detox Support Powder (to modulate DNA-methylation/Demethylation), Hydrogen Footbath (hands and feet: 1:1)

6. Mold and Parasites: Rizol Gamma or Kappa + retroviral protocol (1), Cistus tea, Hydrogen Footbath

7. Anti-aging: Japanese Knotweed (highly active resveratrol plus other plant adaptogens; also effective against Lyme); Buffered Vit C powder, RayWave, KiVita, MegaSporeBiotic, Cistus tea (polyphenols, anti-fungal, antiviral, biofilm breaker); Hydrogen Footbath – alternate with handbath

We trust that you will enjoy this module and that you may use the clinical tips wisely and successfully!

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD