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Upcoming ART – Autonomic Response Testing – Workshop

ART practical training: for beginners and advanced students On this 1-day course we will review the ART principles – proper ergonomic testing, body posture and testing dynamics. We will review the 7 factors of chronic illness and how to test for them: toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, structural misalignments, electromagnetic exposures, food allergies, interference fields, psycho-emotional issues.

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Upcoming Metal & Chemical Toxicity Seminar

Resolving toxicity: a comprehensive review of practical diagnostic and treatment modalities a. Diagnosing: b. Treatment In this seminar we will show the exact ART procedure for diagnosing toxicity and determining the best combination of detox measures for the client. Click here for more information and to buy tickets …

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Upcoming Family Constellation Workshop

In this video Dr Klinghardt explains about the Family Constellation and how it integrates into the health and wellbeing of individuals and families. Family Constellation work forms a key part of the 5 Levels of healing, and is designed to work on issues such as: Chronic infections Long term illnesses Emotional issues Dr Klinghardt is

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