An Autism Protocol for the 21st Century

Contributors: Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD with Elizabeth Hesse-Sheehan, DC, CCN

Editor’s note:

Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD is “a kind and gentle spirit who is authentically motivated to provide the most foundational treatments for patients to resolve their illnesses at the deepest level.” Klinghardt has been synthesizing traditional and alternative medicine for more than 30 years.

Originally from West Germany, where he studied medicine and psychology, and conducted research on dysfunction in autoimmune disorders, Klinghardt currently practices in  suburban Seattle, Washington. He and Dr. Sheehan treat patients and teach workshops throughout the United States and in Europe. Through his teaching he has transformed the practices of many health care providers all over the world. For a schedule of workshops, go to  or 

Klinghardt is in agreement with the concept of an autism spectrum.  In addition to those diagnoses included in this book, he suggests adding allergies, atopic skin diseases, asthma and seizure disorders, to the list of conditions that have similar causes, and are thus responsive to similar treatment strategies.

The Etiology of Autism

Klinghardt believes that autism is a man-made condition, and is therefore preventable. He states unequivocally that autism is not multi-factorial. It has a single cause: mercury toxicity. All problems: nutritional, metabolic, immunological, behavioral, emotional, gastro-intestinal, etc. can be explained by the evils of mercury. The occurrence and severity of autism is directly related to toxic exposure in an individual with inadequate genes that code for detoxification.

The role of mercury toxicity is central in autism.  Depending upon an individual’s vulnerability, a single molecule is enough to cause significant destruction. NO amount of mercury is safe.  At levels as low as less than a nanogram, both ethyl and methyl mercury can cause autism by destroying tubulin, the most abundant protein in the brain.

Mercury interacts with brain tubulin and disassembles microtubules that maintain neuronal structure. Tubulin destruction disconnects the body from higher levels of intelligence. If tubulin isn’t working, no systmes can function well.  Antibodies to tubulin are present and elevated in autism, thus signaling the presence of mercury.  Studies in rats have shown that doses of mercury corresponding to those seen in humans can cause a 75 percent increase in tubulin inhibition.

Klilnghardt calls the mercury exposure to those with autism a “triple strike injury.” He blames three main sources:

1.  A mother’s environment and mercury burden  before pregnancy.  From conception, a woman accumulates mercury in her body. Swedish studies show that mothers use their unborn babies as “garbage disposals,” dumping an estimated two-thirds of their body burdens or mercury and other toxins into their first children. That could be why many first pregnancies result in miscarriages. Later children have less accumulation of toxins.  A classic study done in Texas showed that the incidence of high levels of mercury content in the soil is identical geographically to high incidence of autism. Klinghardt strongly recommends that every woman undergo a metal detoxification program well before becoming pregnant. His paper “Advice to Expectant and New Parents” is available on his website,

2.  Mercury in vaccines and other medical products. Using thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines was clearly an extremely bad idea. Klinghardt believes that introducing the thimerosal containing Hepatitis B vaccine to the childhood vaccine schedule in the late 1980’s, adding mercury to rhogam, and mandating a more aggressive vaccine schedule, have combined to put American children at great risk.

3. Mercury in amalgam fillings. Mothers with multiple “silver” fillings in their mouths put their unborn babies at risk. These fillings off-gas and the mercury vapor crosses the placental barrier.

Surprisingly, Klinghardt believes that exposure to mercury in fish presents minimal risk because the high essential fatty acids, selenium, amino acids and peptides in fish are protective. He feels that it is better to eat fish with mercury than not to eat fish at all. He cautions, however to eat only fresh, small fish, which are at the lower end of the food chain. Go to for a list of safe fish. Unfortunately, sardines in cans lined with plastic outgas phthylates which are dangerous to the nervous system.

Toxic metals, especially mercury, harm the cells of the body, and create breeding grounds for opportunistic harmful microorganisms to thrive in their favorite milieu, a heavy metal environment. Klinghardt’s research shows that microorganisms tend to set up their housekeeping in those body compartments that have the highest pollution from toxic metals. Virtually any illness seems to be caused by or exacerbated by a chronic infection.

Micro-organisms multiply and thrive undisturbed in areas where the body’s own immune cells are incapacitated. The teeth, jawbone, gut wall, connective tissue, and the autonomic ganglia are common sites of metal storage, and places where microorganisms thrive. Furthermore, those bodily areas, vaso-constricted and hypo-perfused by blood, lacking in sufficient nutrients and oxygen, provide an ideal environment for the growth of anaerobic germs, fungi and viruses.

Klinghardt suggests simultaneous diagnosis and treatment of the toxic metal residues and the microorganisms. As long as compartmentalized toxic metals are present in the body, microorganisms have a fortress that is very difficult to conquer.

Foundations for Klinghardt’s Model

Klinghardt’s model originates with one of his teachers, Gerhard Koehler, MD, PhD,  who believed that doctors choose between three types of healing:

  1. Suppression– The type practiced by allopathic medicine, which uses anti– inflammatories, antibiotics, antifungals, and other treatments that work “against life.”
  2. Substitution –The type represented by a biomedical approach, such as DAN!, which uses vitamins, minerals, hormones and other supplements.
  3. Regulation –The type practiced by truly holistic healers where homeopathy, chiropractic, herbs, neural therapy, acupuncture and other plants and techniques stimulate the body to heal itself. This type of healing is  missing in most protocols.

Klinghardt believes that autism spectrum disorders can only be fully healed by restoring the self-regulation of the system and making it fully functional.

The core of this model is Klinghardt’s “Five Levels of Healing,” Autonomic Response Testing (ART), and Applied Psychoneurobiology  (APN), all described below. This brilliant and innovative system of diagnostic and therapeutic tools is applicable to anyone with physical, behavioral or mental issues, regardless of diagnosis. In the early 1990’s, Klinghardt became aware of the increasing numbers of children with autism and related disorders, studied the effects of heavy metal toxicity on the brain,  and adapted his model to treating these children.

The Vertical Healing System: The Five Levels of Healing

The Five Levels of Healing are shown in Figure 1.

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  • Physical: The lowest level is the physical body. It is the foundation upon which everything else rests. It is our connection to the earth and the source of our physical energy. The physical body is identical to what we sense: see, feel, hear, smell and taste. It ends at the skin.

The physical level includes the body’s structure and functions. This is the level where mercury begins wreaking havoc, and conventional, alternative, and the Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) approach intervene.

  • Electromagnetic: The second level is the electromagnetic body, or the body’s energy field. It is the summation of all electric and magnetic events caused by the neuronal activity of the nervous system. Since most somatic and autonomic nerves in the body travel along the longitudinal axis of the body, and the nerve currents spread as electric fields along these nerves, the magnetic fields created by these forces travel perpendicular to this axis into space. Even though their strength decreases with distance from the body, they extend into space beyond the skin, theoretically into infinity.

Nerves in the physical body fire with an electrical charge, which mercury can both disturb and destroy physically and functionally.   Klinghardt believes strongly that electromagnetic fields, such as wall sockets, televisions, computers, cell phones and their towers, and other invisible energy sources interfere with and impede the body’s flow of energy, sometimes to the point of illness. Without addressing this level, most patients on the autism spectrum cannot get well.

Klinghardt contends that the electro-magnetic level is the key to answering the question, “If mercury impacts the physical body so strongly, why don’t all kids exposed to mercury become autistic?”  The bodies of affected individuals have disturbed energetic fields that have a synergistic relationship with factors at the physical level, thus making the ideal “Petri dish” in which autism can develop. In these patients, even with the best nutritional, dietary and other physical interventions, healing does not occur because energetic disturbances are interfering with absorption. See the next section on “Energetic Findings in Autism.”

Therapies that address the electromagnetic level are acupuncture, and another one of Klinghardt’s major contributions: neural therapy. He injects a form of “liquid electricity” into scars, root canals and ganglia to break up electromagnetic disturbances that gather there. (See section on “neural therapy” later in this chapter.)

  • Mental: The third level is the mental body, the home of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and childhood memories. Disturbances at this level come from unresolved traumatic experiences, such as a difficult birth, divorce, separation, abuse or witnessing a death.

Laws that govern the third level include the simple natural rules of parent-child relationships: nurture and love a child, keep him/her safe, nourished and warm, and provide opportunities to learn. Each violation has consequences, leading to fairly predictable distortions of the mind, nervous and immune systems.

The brain replays trauma, constantly sending stress signals into the electromagnetic and physical bodies, disrupting the flow of energy, nutrients, blood and other essential components of health. While autism almost never starts at this level, working on mental issues can contribute to a child’s complete recovery by the trickle-down effect to lower levels. Food allergies or dysbiosis can be symptoms in cases where mental body disturbances play a significant role.

Therapies that work at this level are homeopathy, psychotherapy, hypnosis, and applied psychoneurobiology (APN). Klinghardt uses a complicated sequence of muscle testing of organs and their associated emotions to diagnose and treat disturbances at this level.

  • Intuitive:  The fourth level is the dream or intuitive body: what Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious.”  This is the highest level, at which an interaction between physician and client is possible.

The laws that govern the fourth level come from Family Systems Theory conceived by Murray Bowen  in the 1970’s and 1980’s,  and expanded by German psychoanalyst, Bert Hellinger in the 1990’s.  According to this model, a family system is comprised of the genetically linked persons of the last three generations and all of their respective partners. Every member of a family has an equal right to belong. If someone denies this right to one of the members, another member will try to balance the family by self-excluding him/herself.

Ever know a family that seemed “cursed?”  Forces that acted upon them, sometimes going back several generations, come from this level. These forces present themselves as an energetic, rather than a genetic legacy.  Examples are such injustices as a murder that was never discovered, a stillborn child who was never mourned, a suicide that was never acknowledged, or a secret, shady business deal. Three generations later, a family has a child diagnosed with autism. This child is very often the “sacrifice” for unresolved guilt and grief.

Klinghardt strongly recommends that families of children with autism have a family constellation, a Hellinger invention. Practiced widely in Europe, constellations are slowly becoming tools of many mental health professionals in the US today.

  • Spiritual: The fifth level is the plane of self-healing. Klinghardt calls this level the “spirit-body.” It is a person’s relationship with the divine. Not implicated in autism, this level is very personal and not affected by any outside therapies. However, Klinghardt believes that it requires recognition. After resolution of the physical problems, both the physician and the client should do something “good” with the newly gained hope and vitality, and exhibit an attitude of gratefulness. Without this conclusion, a gradual relapse of the condition could occur.

Influences flow in both up and down directions. Each phenomenon in the physical realm seems to occur simultaneously on the other four levels. For instance, removing interference at the electromagnetic level can dissipate problems at the physical level and vice versa. However, some problems in the higher levels, may not be apparent lower levels. An acupuncturist, for instance may pick up energetic problems before physical symptoms occur. The traditional Chinese medicine doctor was only paid when the patient’s physical body remained healthy. He/she had to identify and resolve the disturbance on the second level before it penetrated down to the first.

True healing requires simultaneous work on all five levels.  Families should pump as much energy as possible into the lower three levels: eat, sleep and exercise well, and take supplements. Nurture the electric body with massage, acupuncture, neural therapy, sit by a waterfall, listen to good music and do yoga stretches. See a therapist to work through confusion and unresolved conflicts on the mental level. Make sure that the home, work and study area, especially the bedroom, are free of electromagnetic fields.

Klinghardt focuses his autism protocol primarily on the first two levels. For a child to fully recover, mercury poisoning must be treated at both the physical and energetic levels.

The vertical healing system can be a valuable foundation for understanding truly what holistic medicine is, and gives the practitioner a road map to navigate the sometimes chaotic landscape of healing techniques. The lower levels supply energy to the higher levels. Each level has an order, its own laws, and an organizing influence on the lower levels.

Energetic Findings in Autism

In addition to the more commonly recognized physical symptoms of autism reviewed in previous chapters of this book, Klinghardt notes that a majority of those “on the spectrum” have the following unusual energetic characteristics:

  • An overly large energy field – The individual with autism has an “energy body” that is displaced from the physical body, and inhibits perceptions and communications from being received and/or downloaded into the physical body. The physical body is thus being driven by toxins to do something different than what the energy body wants it to.
  • Blocked mirror neurons in the brain– Mirror neurons are those nerve cells mostly in the frontal cortex or language center of the brain, that allow someone to show a positive emotional response to another person.   One result of tubulin disrupted by mercury toxicity is the inability to return a smile or gaze.
  • Enhanced energetic perception and capability for telepathic communication – Kids “know” where things are without using their eyes.
  • Greater responsivity to properly used Energy Medicine applications
  • Unusual patterns of regulation.
  • Hyperactivity in most meridian systems.
  • Autonomic nervous system dysfunction.
  • Severe second and sixth charka abnormalities affecting feelings, intimacy, boundaries and mental clarity.
  • Recipient of unhealed transgenerational family issues because of their extraordinary energenetic sensitivities.  This perpetuates the illness.

7 Areas of Stress

Klinghardt categorizes the many “total load” factors  described in Chapter 3 into seven areas:

  1. Environmental toxic exposures to heavy metals and solvents, pesticides, wood preservatives, off-gassing from plastics, teflon or textiles, molds, etc., which have a synergistic effect with most toxic metals. Metals will often accumulate in body parts that have been chemically injured at a prior time.
  2. Biochemical and nutritional deficiencies – well acknowledged stressors on the body.
  3. Structural abnormalities in facial development, involving the head, neck and jaw, which can cause defective dentition, and problems with the temporal mandibular joint. These cranio-sacral dysfunctions are often responsible for impairment of blood flow and lymphatic drainage in affected areas through low pressure vessels called lymphatics, which are easily compressed.

    Elizabeth Sheehan, DC, CCN, who is one of Dr. Klinghardt’s top practitioners, believes that cranio, upper cervical and pelvic misalignments are always present in autism.  These stressors on the nervous system, derived from birth and other trauma, can weaken the brain’s defenses, making it susceptible to invasion by lead, aluminum and mercury and the micro-organisms that feed on them, as well as set the body up for ear and other infections.

    Sheehan evaluates the spine globally, including all 12 of the cranial nerves.  When structure is comprised, the body must utilize much of its energy to stay structurally intact, sucking whatever energy it can out of the immune system and elsewhere. The structural organization of the bones of the skull determines the tension of the membranes that suspend the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, and anchor the brain in place. The ability of the hypothalamus to release and transport its hormones is extremely vulnerable to positional changes of the pituitary.


  5. Interference from scars and other unhealed focal areas from the umbilical cord, circumcision, tonsil removal, and ganglia can create abnormal electrical signals that can alter the function of the autonomic nervous system. The abnormal impulses often cause these areas to become metal  and toxic storage sites.
  6. Food intolerances and allergies, which often cause a low-grade encephalitis and/or joint inflammation, setting up those areas to become targets for toxic deposits.
  7. Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) – Electric and magnetic fields have different effects on the growing nervous systems of young children. A body can resist only about 20 milli-volts of resistance and stay healthy. When measurements are 300-500 milli-volts, people get sick.

    Health conscious consumers should check their neighborhoods for placement of overhead powerlines and their transformers, as well as for cell phone towers. Go to to find those nearest to you. Sometimes neighbors’ radar or security systems encroach upon personal space, as well.

    Inside, many homes register thousands, not hundreds of milli-volts of electrical voltage. Sources of household electro-magnetic fields include electrical wiring in the wall, fluorescent lights, large appliances such as computers, TVs and refrigerators, and small appliances, such as hair driers, electric razors and lamps. Klinghardt recommends that children with autism, for whom these machines sound like freight trains, be protected from these invaders, as well as from wireless Internet, alarm systems, cordless phones, and microwave ovens.

    One of the most important ingredients to restoring health is a safe sleeping location.

    The average bedroom nightstand holds many possible EMF sources, including an alarm clock, wristwatch, reading light, CD player, radio and wireless telephone. Everyone is 100 times more vulnerable to EMFs when asleep, because EMFs decrease pineal function, causing it to stop producing melatonin, the most powerful neuro-protective chemical in the Central Nervous System. Klinghardt found that a significant number of his patients were sleeping over underground water lines or too close to electrical equipment, and that their sleep improved markedly when these problems were mitigated.

    Geopathic and magnetic stress also open the blood brain barrier, increases leukemia and cancer rates, causes brain fog, and has a negative synergistic effect with other types of radiation. And if that is not enough, it also disturbs brain waves, heart rate variability, breathing patterns and bowel movements. Finally, EMFs foster mold growth in homes as microbes crank up their own production of neurotoxins in defense.

    To measure EMFs and geopathic stress, have an expert from the International Institute of Building Biology ( ) test the home. If this is impossible, ask a patient to close his eyes and picture himself in bed; use autonomic response testing (see next section) to measure the stress.

    Unfortunately, another hidden source of EMFs are the new, gas efficient hybrid cars. These put both driver and passengers at risk, as well.

  9. Unresolved trans-generational trauma in the family system – Psychological stressors are by far the most common factor determining where specific metals and infectious agents will take up housekeeping in the body. Klinghardt believes that the impact of this stressor is grossly underestimated.  He utilizes some elegant interventions that address this stressor.  See below.

In summary,

The symptom is the reason the patient seeks medical help.

Underlying or within the symptom is often a chronic infection.

Underneath the infection is an altered milieu and the presence of mercury and other toxic metals.

Other than the obvious necessary exposure, the reason why the infection takes hold is inferred from the location or the affected organ, and the type of toxicity present.

When the body’s heavy metal burden exceeds its ability to detoxify, the toxins are drawn to areas where the immune system is weak. Unresolved psycho-emotional conflicts have a role here. Different acupuncture meridians/organ systems are vulnerable to different types of emotional disturbance. Unresolved grief is more likely to affect the lung, for example, and chronic anxiety or fear, the kidney, shame, the bladder, while pent up anger is associated with the liver. Thus the nature of the emotional issues determine the location of the immune system vulnerability.

In most cases, mercury toxicity is exponentially strengthened by its synergistic relationship with any other sources of stress.

Autonomic Response Testing

Klinghardt co-developed Autonomic Response Testing (ART), a form of muscle testing or kinesiology, which measures stress responses in the body and nervous system. ART is an extremely accurate, elegant, sophisticated, quick, reliable and comprehensive diagnostic system that is the leading bio-energetic technique in Europe today. ART is the only type of muscle testing that can measure the biophotonic field of a patient, establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment simultaneously.

Fritz-Albert Popp, a leading European physicist, showed that the bio-photon field surrounding the physical body is the central regulating agency of all metabolic processes.  Our cells create a bio-photon field around us, which, in turn, regulates our metabolic enzymes.  Any stress at the cellular level creates a disturbance in signals in the autonomic nervous system, which   are measurable as distortions in the electromagnetic field around the body. Popp’s discovery is the basis for ART.

ART neatly lays out the pieces of the puzzle. Practitioners can then use lab work to confirm and back up findings.

Based on the work of Dr. Yoshiaki Omura’s resonance phenomenon between identical substances,  ART can determine which of the seven issues is blocking the proper functioning of the autonomic nervous system in an individual patient.  A practitioner can use Klinghardt’s system to prioritize stressors and the order in which to address them.

The Three Laws of ART

ART is based on three laws:

  1. The Law of Resonance between two identical substances – If a substance is held in a person’s energy field, and an indicator muscle weakens, the identical substance is in the body. If the substance is only in a particular organ, ganglion or other structure, the test-substance has to be held exactly over this area to get a reaction. With ART the practitioner locates a structure that when held makes the indicator muscle weaken. Then, when a substance is placed anywhere on the patient, the same indicator muscle becomes strong if that substance is also present in the body.
  2. Variation of the first law – If the examiner localizes more then one organ, structure or ganglion during the ART body scan or examination, the multiple structures may be affected by the same toxin or infection or one structure may affect one or more others. The indicator muscle might weaken when one organ is held, and strengthen when held together with another organ that caused it to weaken when held alone. Two negatives make a positive. In that case, there is either a cause/effect relationship between the two, or they are both affected by the same toxin or infection.
  3. The Law of Resonance between the Examiner and the Patient – The examiner’s body acts exactly like any other substance held into the energy field of the patient. If the examiner is toxic with the same substance that is either causing the patient’s illness, or is stored in one or more of the patient’s tissues, the test is invalid. Thus, no two examiners can find the same problems in a given patient, unless both examiners are free of stored toxins, infections, mercury filled teeth, untreated scars, active psycho-emotional conflicts, have not recently consumed foods they are allergic to, etc. This possibility is often overlooked in other schools of kinesiology.

The third law results in a simple postulate: the ART practitioner must continuously strive to stay healthy.

How ART is Done

From an observer’s point of view, ART looks like an examiner is pushing on an outstretched arm of a patient, standing, sitting or lying down, with an arm raised at a 90 degree angle to his body.  The examiner gives the cue for the patient to “hold” or “resist” about ½ second before pushing on the arm with about two pounds of pressure for about two seconds.  The pressure either does or does not engage the muscle group. If the muscle engages, the arm remains straight. If not, the arm weakens. For young children, an adult “surrogate” can act as a circuit between the examiner and the child, by touching the child’s body while the examiner tests his or her outstretched arm.

In-depth testing of the seven stress areas, which allows a practitioner to identify the type and location of stressors, and which antidote to use, is most easily accomplished using a polarized filter with one or more cell signal enhancers. These tools are available from Biopure at   

A practitioner scans the body, testing all major organs for stress: brain, thyroid, kidneys, adrenals, liver, stomach, spleen, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine and pelvic floor to determine which fields are disorganized, pushing on the individual’s arm as each location is held. Simultaneously, the body reveals which areas are stressed, and which agents are beneficial in relieving the stress. In this rapid, non-invasive, inexpensive, yet reliable process, the site and type of toxic metal, micro-organisms, trauma, etc. becomes apparent.

Insert ART Flow chart

Any of the seven factors, especially heavy metal toxicity, food reactions and psychological factors can block regulation in the patient’s pathways. The tester must deal with each one as it comes up before getting to the next level. When regulation is blocked, the examiner looks for an antidote to the problem, from one of the five levels of healing.  Antidotes are:

  1. primary toxic metal removal agents such as garlic, chlorella, cilantro, EDTA, DMPS or NDF;
  2. synergistic methods and agents, such as kidney drainage remedies, blood protective agents, agents that increase fecal absorption and excretion of mobilized Hg;
  3. treatments for secondary infections, including viruses, parasites, and bacteria, such as antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, herbs and homeopathics;
  4. treatments for psychological trauma, such as tapping on acupuncture points, repeating affirmations, eye movements with colored glasses and family constellations;
  5. treatments for geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields, such as avoidance, relocation or metal shielding.

The examiner places each antidote in actual or symbolic form in the patient’s field until one product or procedure opens regulation. If more than one is successful, ART has techniques to determine which one works best.  Testing then proceeds until the patient is in what is called a “yin state,” when regulation is fully open, nothing blocks it, and the body begins to heal itself.

The sum of all the antidotes is the patient’s “prescription.”

Klinghardt recommends using ART to fine tune the results of the testing, or as a “stand alone” diagnostic tool to further evaluate any of the seven stressors. Any professional can use ART as an adjunct to standard in-office laboratory and diagnostic testing, as it can be done without any instruments. Some optometrists use simple muscle testing in addition to other visual apparatuses, and without other special tools, to evaluate whether a lens adds to or relieves stress on a patient’s body, assuming that the patient’s regulation is NOT blocked. Like any technique, skillful autonomic response testing requires study, practice and discipline.

Klinghardt’s Five Step Autism Treatment Protocol

According to Klinghardt, a treatment protocol for autism or any other chronic condition must address all seven risk factors at all five levels of healing focusing on:

  1. Symptomatic relief
  2. Treatment of all seven areas of stress
  3. Metal Detoxification
  4. Treatment of infections, and
  5. Restoration of damaged nervous, immune, and gastro-intestinal systems.

1.  Symptomatic Relief

Klinghardt adds a new dimension to relieving immediate problems by using every non-invasive method currently available. While treatments at this stage do not reach deep levels of dysfunction, they can cause surprisingly strong positive reactions. In addition, unlike drugs, which often exacerbate symptoms or cause new ones, the following natural treatments can often have a synergistic effect with other interventions.

  1. Dietary modification with digestive enzymes and probiotics – Eat a protein rich diet, corrected for blood type and food sensitivities.  Find a diet plan that works; a diet should be gluten and casein free at the minimum. Test all foods with ART monthly. Supplement with digestive enzymes and probiotics at the end of every meal. See Chapter 5 for a complete description of dietary, enzyme and probiotic options.
  2. Create a biomedical regimen, such as The Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) approach to supplement vitamin B6, DMG, zinc and magnesium –  Klinghardt recommends magnesium citrate, low dose zinc, along with a little copper. He warns that too much zinc can be harmful, as it has a synergistic toxic effect with mercury. Also, use ART to find the right type of B6 to avoid triggering seizures. See Chapter 6 for the DAN! approach.
  3. Modify the DAN! approach to other supplements Dr. Klinghardt has partnered with College Pharmacy’s Center for Advanced Medical Therapeutics (AMT) to ensure the highest quality of supplements in his protocol. Go to their website at and contact Melanie Gentile, Pharmacist, and mother of a daughter with Rett’s syndrome at 866-828-8203.

o Vitamin C at 100 mg/kg body weight minimum.

o B-complex as high doses of pantothenic acid, niacin and B2 only, or nutritional yeast, if tolerated.

o Sublingual Hydroxy-B12 with folic acid in a 5:2 ratio. (AMT can provide this protocol.) Klinghardt believes that the folic acid de-methylates toxic substances, while hydroxy-B12 removes toxic nitric oxide compounds from the brain. He recommends using ART to determine the proper form of folic acid for each patient.

o Multi-minerals in high doses.

IV Methyl B-12 as recommended by James Neubrander in Chapter 5.

Oils: Klinghardt has strong opinions about fish and other therapeutic oils, since each fish, nut and seed oil has unique qualities. He recommends an oil test kit, kept refrigerated, to use with ART to test pumpkinseed, flaxseed, hemp, primrose, cod liver, Udo’s and other oils to see which works best with an individual patient.

Other supplements, including calcium citrate, Vitamins E and A, selenium and low dose Naltrexone (LDN). See Chapters 5 and 6 for more on these supplements.

Treating the Seven Areas of Stress

Environmental toxic exposures – Identify and eliminate every possible location in the home of toxins, mold, and chemicals. Klinghardt recommends an indoor air quality inspection by an expert in the field. The inspector should look for insufficient ventilation, polluted crawl spaces, gas leaks, volatile organic compounds from carpets, floors, furniture and building materials, and any other toxins that might have synergistic effects with mercury.

One synergistic toxin, mentioned briefly in Chapter 5, is fluoride, which accumulates in the fat cells, attacking and destroying enzymes.  When fluoride enters the body, it hydrolyzes the hydrogen bonds that allow each enzyme to maintain its shape. The body treats these deformed enzymes as foreign invaders, thus triggering an auto-immune response.

Studies have indicated fluoride as a carcinogen, which may also be responsible for symptoms resembling Alzheimer’s disease and attention deficit disorder. One researcher found that seven ounces of toothpaste contain enough fluoride to kill a small child.  In the early 1990’s, the Canadian Dental Association concluded that fluoride supplements were unsafe for children under age three.

Dr. George Waldbott, who warned the public in the 1950s about the dangers of smoking and possible allergic reactions to penicillin, believes that like mercury, even extremely low concentrations of fluoride can do harm. Migraines, stiffness, and gastric distress all diminished in Waldbott’s patients when they stopped drinking fluoridated water.

Biochemical (vitamin/mineral) and nutritional deficiencies – these have been discussed in Chapter 5.

Structural abnormalities in facial development – Any defects in dental occlusion, such as an overbite, and vertebral and other bony subluxation affect bodily systems profoundly. They disrupting lymph flow, as well as add even more stress to the nervous system. Klinghardt thus strongly recommends a bite evaluation for occlusional problems by a cranial osteopath or a very experienced orthodontist.

If the practitioner discovers any abnormalities, cranio-sacral therapy, chriopractic, osteopathy or any of a number of gentle structural interventions is essential to correct any misalignments.  The guiding principle is that if function (normal movement) is restored, changes in structure follow. When structure heals, physiology normalizes, with hormones, enzymes, and other fluids flowing freely,   allowing detoxification to take place. For a complete overview of structural therapies, refer back to Chapter 3.

Scars and other unhealed focal areas – Klinghardt believes that scars on traumatized body parts create abnormal input into the autonomic nervous system with resultant adverse multi-system effects. Everyone has scars, starting with the place where the umbilical cord was cut. Other scars occur as a result of circumcision, tonsil removal, surgery, infections and accidents.

Neural therapy is a powerful Klinghardt invention that involves the injection of procaine, diluted medications and homeopathics into scars and acupuncture points. Scars and other unhealed focal areas are magnets for heavy metals, which Klinghardt demonstrates eloquently with ART. Injecting scars with healing substances helps the body mobilize the toxins and excrete them. The injections are superficial, safe, easy to learn, and effective for alleviating a wide variety of medical problems associated with toxicity. Dr. Klinghardt is President of the American Academy of Neural Therapy and the only fully trained teacher of this  work in the US.

Tonsil and their scars present a complex problem in a cascade of issues starting with faulty structural organization in the skull, neck and face. Detoxification of the brain occurs through the cribriform plate into the adenoids, and from there, via the tonsils, into the lymphatic vessels accompanying the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle, and from there into the subclavian vein. When mis-alignment disrupts lymph drainage and neurotoxin transport, tonsils become congested and infected.

Klinghardt believes that chronically infected and degenerated tonsils are a major contributing factor in food allergies, attention issues and autism. Congestion in the tonsils leads to further back-up of lymph flow, and serves as a breeding ground for multiple bacterial and viral colonies that produce potent brain neurotoxins.

The first choices for tonsil treatment are lymph drainage and homeopathic remedies, removing allergic foods (especially dairy products), using an air filter in the bedroom, supplementing vitamins and minerals to boost immunity, and neural therapy. Surgical removal, although out of vogue today, is also an option. However, if congestion does not clear, Klinghardt’s choice is regenerative cryotherapy, a procedure available only in Germany. Burning the tonsils allows them to regenerate and start anew doing the filtering job they were meant to do. Go to to learn more. See his paper on tonsils at .

Food intolerances and allergies – Klinghardt believes that the home should be free of any foods that are forbidden for the child with autism, and that food choices will change as the child heals. He recommends a simple food rotation diet that eliminates all gluten and casein containing foods, even if no allergies are apparent. He also recommends metabolic and blood typing ( as tools for dietary modification. If ART shows no negative reactions, fermented dairy products such as kefir can be added as the child gets well.

Geopathic stress and “electrosmog” – In an earlier section, the authors enumerated the many negative effects that geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields have on the organ systems of the body. Those with autism spectrum disorders are highly sensitive to abnormal electric fields, so the effects on them are even worse. Under geopathic stress, detoxification cannot occur.

Because geopathic stress has such profound negative effects on sleep, Klinghardt believes that creating a safe, stress-free sleeping location is imperative for healing. First and foremost, families must replace laptop computers with desktops at home, eliminate cordless telephones and wireless Internet, locate and mitigate any stress from nearby cell phone towers, and correct any faulty wiring.

In the bedroom itself,

  • install a demand switch next to the bed to turn off the current in the walls at night;
  • use only battery operated clocks and lights; never use night-lights;
  • remove all cordless telephones, computers, and other electronic equipment;
  • place the head of the bed on walls without electrical outlets;
  • buy organic metal- and flame-retardant free mattresses; add metalicized grounding sheets under natural fiber bedsheets for seriously sensitive children. Surround the bed with metalicized mosquito netting that prevents microwaves from entering the bedroom;
  • paint walls and floor with graphite paint, and place natural fiber  curtains on the windows;

De-clutter the bedroom;

  • Take melatonin before going to sleep. This supplement prevents damage from heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, toxins, outgasing of plastics, etc.

If all else fails, move to a different house.

Unresolved trans-generational trauma in the family system – Traumatic family issues from the past predispose members to childhood diseases, including autism.  Often therapy and biomedical intervention do not progress until a healing family constellation is done by an experienced facilitator.   

3.  Metal Detoxification

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD is considered one of the leading experts in the world on detoxification. He sees little need to do laboratory testing to determine which metals are in the body.  He starts all patients on a gentle detoxification program, using mild agents like chlorella and cilantro first, to jump start lymphatic and organ drainage, and stronger ones like calcium EDTA and TD-DMPS, later.

In Chapter 5, the authors wrote about the use of chlorella in detoxification. This amazing natural substance is one of Klinghardt’s favorite detoxification supplements, and a staple for anyone interested in maintaining good health. He believes that some products are better than others, and prefers the BioPure brand, as it is treated with ultrasound and not oxidized.

Each phase of detoxification lasts about three months. Klinghardt then uses hair analysis to monitor which metals the body is excreting. His experience is that toxic mineral levels register low at first, and then begin rising, with lead and nickel showing up before mercury.

During detoxification, Klinghardt makes sure that he:

Removes only one toxic agent at a time. Pulling multiple toxic compounds simultaneously increases the opportunity for a synergistic effect from which a patient may have difficulty recovering.

Clears the excretory organs first of lead, then mercury, and finally other toxins like pesticides.

Uses multiple detox agents sequentially to address various forms of mercury in the body, because mercury is bound in the tissues, cells and organs in virtually hundreds of ways, and no single agent can clear all forms of mercury.

Protects the brain and gut with agents such as electrolyte enhanced drinking water, high doses of essential minerals to compete with toxic metals at the binding site, and to replace the ones that are chelated out, anti-oxidants, especially high doses of vitamin C, as well as turmeric and glutathione.

Applies techniques such as homeopathy, acupuncture and EMDR at an energetic level, as well as family constellation work to address emotional issues.

Supports detoxification generally in other ways with Epsom salt baths, ionic footbaths, and far infared saunas. Klilnghardt has found that his footbaths from Switzerland energize the autonomic nervous system and acupuncture meridians in the feet, activating the detox function of the kidneys, liver, gut and skin.  The scum in the water after the footbath has no toxic metals in it. However, following a footbath, patients excrete more toxins through their poop and urine. Using cilantro with a footbath brings out lesser known toxic metals such as nickel.

Treating the Infections

Detox agents above are successful in treating more than the heavy metals; they also clear out the neurotoxins excreted by the molds, Lyme and other viruses, and bacteria. Molds hold metals in their cell walls. That is why Klinghardt never treats mold without putting a detoxification agent on board.

Once cells wake up, regain their intelligence and use their inborn ability to communicate and clear themselves of toxins, Klinghardt focuses on treating infections. He believes that antibiotics alone cannot break through the toxic metals to treat infections. He thus relies on many other methods and substances, previously not used in the United States. In order to attain healing, Klinghardt believes that microbial agents must come from plants and herbs with a life spirit, not artificial substances. To learn more about the spirit of plants in healing, read Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants by Eliot Cowan.20

Most common opportunistic infections in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lyme Infection from Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) – In Chapter 3, the authors stated that Klinghardt believes Lyme disease to be much more common in autism than previously was thought, with seven out of eight of his patients testing positive. He says that a doctor should always suspect Bb infection in a child who is not responding positively to the DAN! protocol or chelation.

After treating many of his families with children exhibiting autism, Klinghardt has concluded the folIowing: if the firstborn is male and has autism, mercury is at fault, as it has a synergistic effect with testosterone.  If a mother has a typical child first, however, and one of her other children has autism, mercury is not the sole cause.  The culprit is probably Lyme, an infection that adds to the neurotoxin pool in the mother, potentiates mercury, and passes through the placenta to her unborn baby.

Klinghardt has developed a complex Lyme treatment protocol.21 To reduce the total body burden, he recommends treating Lyme, as well as other infections from viruses and bacteria, with herbs, rather than with antibiotics.

Others are following Klinghardt’s lead in treating Lyme disease in autism.  The non-profit Lyme-Induced Autism Foundation (L. I. A.) is a clearinghouse for research, and educates the public with periodic conferences and seminars.  Go to

Measles virus Treat with Vitamin A palmitate in a prescribed regime of 400,000 units in three divided dosages for two consecutive days only. Repeat every six weeks, several times, then once annually. Klinghardt says that using this protocol immediately following a vaccine reaction can prevent future problems. For other treatments, the reader is referred to the DAN! treatment manual.22

Borna virus – This insidious bug attacks the limbic system and is thus responsible for psychiatric symptoms, especially manic depression. High levels of Borna viruses are apparent in the manic phase.23  Klinghardt uses herbal anti-virals like olive leaf and mushroom extracts, as well as the drug Amantidine for at least four months.

Giardia, amoebas and protozoa – Klinghardt treats these and other bugs  with rizoles, a new class of bio-active compounds created by ozonating plant oils, including clove, wormwood, marjoram, cumin and others, for several weeks. Ozone, a form of oxygen therapy, kills anaerobes, bugs that live without oxygen.

Parasites like roundworms, threadworms, tapeworms and liver flukes are all very hearty bugs that should never be underestimated. Rizoles are good for treating all worms, cysts and larvae. He also uses Alinia, which crosses the blood brain barrier,  Albendazole24 and Biltrocide in high doses to attack these critters.

Herpes viruses Treatment depends upon type. Some respond well to Heel homeopathics, chlorella, freeze-dried garlic and ozonated oils.

Strep infections and consequences (chorea minor) – Use homeopathic Sanum remedies.

Molds and fungi – Many  of today’s homes have elevated levels of aspergillus, cladosporium, stachybotrys and other potentially deadly molds caused by poor building plan and materials. To test a home for mold, order mold test places  from

Propolis, a waxy balsamic resinous substance that forms inside beehives in Somalia, Eritrea, Saudia Arabia and India is a potent anti-microbial. The word propolis is made up of two Greek words: “pro” meaning “in front or in defense of,” and “polis,” which means “town.” Propolis is thus the town of the bees, or a beehive. Rich in flavonoids, hydroxyacids, terpenes, aromatic alcohols and essential oils, propolis kills molds, and has a fantastic long-term anti-inflammatory effect. Its anti-microbial properties were discovered several centuries BC.25

Propolis can be taken orally or applied externally. It can also be put in a vaporizer in the home and car to eliminate most bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold from the air in an all-natural way. Putting propylis in a vaporizer heats it and releases it into the environment to do its job.

Every home of a child with autism should have an indoor air quality inspection by a qualified inspector. (Go to to find one.)  If you suspect mold, Klinghardt recommends that, at the minimum, change bedding and vacuum often. Mold infestations can be so bad that a family may have to move.

Klinghardt’s patients benefit from another of his inventions, “Matrix microbes.” Put them in a spray bottle, and use nasally or orally; the brain absorbs these “good bugs” very quickly. Spritzing the entire house twice a week competes with the “bad bugs” to create a healthy environment home. The fulvic acid in Matrix microbes is death to many viruses.

Klinghardt has pioneered the use of micro-current technology to inhibit microbial growth. His “KMT 24 makes the body a hostile environment for the bugs that cause infections. This sophisticated instrument is a mini-computer with six different programs of carefully selected frequencies, sequences, wave characteristics and amperage to target specific infections and mobilize heavy metals. Some programs utilize microbial inhibition frequencies developed during the genome project; others are proprietary to Klinghardt.

Patients use the KMT 24 for six days while sleeping, then take a one day break.  Klinghardt uses two cell signal enhancers, one on each side of the brain, to magnify microbial currents from the machine to create a huge field, which pulses at a stable rhythm.  Bugs must have a chaotic rhythm to survive. The stable rhythm from the KMT 24, a type of biofeedback, destroys the bugs, molds, Lyme, viruses, microplasma, etc. and  entrains the body’s brain waves. Use of it shortens treatment time, although sometimes, seizures  may be a reaction.

Klinghardt has also recorded CDs with the strange vibrations of various bugs in action recorded underground. The patient plays the CD while sleeping, and the bugs respond as if they are being attacked, dying in the process. This is an extremely effective treatment for viruses.

Rizoles, Propolis vaporizers for home and car, Matrix microbes, KMT 24 and CDs are all available from   

Restoration of Damaged Organ Systems

The final phase is brain and system repair. Klinghardt has developed many effective strategies for restoring the body’s regulation.


Klinghardt has developed an elegant, extremely effective, short-term psychotherapy he calls psychokinesiology. 26 The core of this approach is the patient’s continuous dialogue with the subconscious mind.   

Using ART, the muscle test engages the subconscious mind in a conversation, and reveals unresolved deep seated conflicts and post-traumatic stress states. Underlying causes of many long standing illnesses, psychological problems, chronic pain, and other issues reveal themselves. The therapist uses quick techniques such as tapping on acupuncture points to relieve stress on the organs, engaging the patient in repetitive eye movements while wearing  colored glasses, and other methods, to allow processing of the material in a way that is healing to both the patient and the family.

Klinghardt believes that PK is crucial in treating patients with autism and related disorders, as well as their family members. He finds that in many cases  treating a patient with PK early on unloads emotional material which allows them to respond dramatically to other therapies. In fact, many aspects of their biochemistry, including blood pH, hormone and mineral levels, move in a direction toward normal after successful PK treatments. Results are often permanent.

In the past decade, PK has become the fastest growing technique in humanistic psychology in Europe. Klinghardt teaches PK techniques in workshops several times a year.  Go to to see his schedule.

Family Constellations

Family constellations are another of the most popular therapeutic approaches in Europe today, and are just beginning to make their way to the United States. Family Constellations work at the Fourth or Intuitive level of healing, an area previously ignored by more familiar interventions. Growing out of the family systems movement of the 1950’s, this approach begins with the idea that instead of originating in an individual’s life history from birth to the present, dysfunction and suffering often relate to painful events in the family’s past.

Nothing is more important to a child than belonging.  Sometimes a child’s way of being connected, though, is to suffer like those who came before him. A child may become “entangled” in the difficult fate of a past family member, and unconsciously draw unhappiness, failure, addiction or illness into his own life.   

While parents’ deepest wishes are that their children thrive and their relationships work, Dr. Bert Hellinger, a renowned German psychoanalyst, believes that sometimes an individual’s future may be out of his/her control. An entanglement with a deceased relative from a past generation may be at play, sealing an unhappy fate, with a child as the victim.  Family constellations can serve to reverse illness, failure and conflict by revealing hidden dynamics and pointing the way toward resolution. For a family whose child or children have autism, a constellation can break an energetic bond of pain and suffering, allowing a child to heal.

Families of children at the severe end of the autism spectrum know all too well how the daily issues they confront constitute a particularly difficult fate for their families. Klinghardt believes that the large energetic field gives children on the autism spectrum an extraordinary energetic sensitivity that makes them particularly vulnerable to disturbances in the energy field of the extended family, including unhealed trans-generational issues.

Toxins prevent the physical body from receiving and processing perceptions and communications. Heightened energetic sensitivities further perpetuate illness. Furthermore, is as though the soul is outside the body looking for a place to dock, and can’t find one, because receptors are corrupted. Klinghardt recommends two or three sessions of Family Constellation work to free up the system to release more toxins. Then other interventions suddenly become more effective.

Family Constellations usually take place in groups. An individual chooses representatives for members of his/her family from the circle of participants and positions them in a way that seems right. In a short time the representatives begin to experience physical sensations, emotions or urges, belonging not to themselves but to the family members they represent. It is as though they have become antennae, receiving information from a “family soul” mysteriously present in the room. Facilitators refer to this as the “knowing field.”

Through observations, questions, trial statements and movements, the facilitator and client come to see the issue in a new way and create a resolution that enables the client to break his/her connection with difficulties in the family’s past. As the hidden dynamic becomes clear, and movements of peace and reconciliation arise, the genuine love and strength in a family begin to flow in a healthy way.

An Example 

The family history of one boy with autism was full of turmoil and pain on both sides. The father was excessively involved with his own mother; the boy’s mother, an immigrant, had been unable to establish roots in her husband’s country; and a decision to abort a child from a former relationship had been made with too little respect and seriousness to bring the event to a healthy closure.

As the constellation unfolded, the body language of the boy’s representative showed how he was tied to those issues. To lighten the burden on their son, the father needed to free himself from his attachment to his own mother and become more available to his current family. The mother needed to develop a sense of rootedness in and respect for her new country. Together they needed to honor the soul of the aborted child by creating a place for it in their hearts.

Klinghardt  suggests that families of children with autism  put prodigous effort into healing their own families. The “family” includes children who have died early, aborted children, husbands excluded after a divorce, mothers who died at childbirth, and men who died in wars. Healing involves relating and communicating to everybody who is alive, as well as holding a loving memory of those who are gone. Don’t rest until love and respect flows among everybody in the present and at least two generations prior.

Six Hellinger Institutes and independent groups offer family constellations across the United States. Klinghardt does “Healing Evenings” about once a month when he facilitates constellations. Hellinger’s work is available in many books published by Zeig Tucker & Theisen, and continues to evolve from a lifetime of rich experience, including years as a priest and living with the Zulu tribe in Africa. To learn more about Family constellations, read Ulsmer’s Healing the Power of the Past 27 and visit <>.


In Chapter 12 the authors describe various methods of using homeopathy to treat those with autism spectrum disorders. In the Klinghardt model, practitioners use Reckeweg’s Heel remedies from Germany at all six stages of his protocol to assist in regulating and balancing patients’ systems. These medicines have many advantages and require little training to use correctly. They are inexpensive, have many years of support behind them, proving their effectiveness and safety. However, classical homeopaths, who use single remedies, are generally not in favor of these products.

Heel remedies support each stage of healing.

At Stage 1 they prepare and strengthen lymphatic and organ drainage in preparation for a dumping of mercury and other toxins from their hiding places. This stage lasts about two months.

At Stage 2 Heel remedies assist in the metal detoxification program by mobilizing mercury and other toxins.

At Stage 3 they help the cells wake up and regain their ability to communicate. This phase should start after at least three months into the program.

At Stage 4 certain Heel remedies help clear infections.

Stage 5 takes place at least four months after the start to assist in brain and system repair.

Heel remedies come in a saline solution, which holds the energy very strongly for hundreds of years if stored in glass, not plastic.  The remedies can be ingested, squirted up the nose or into the mouth using a syringe.  Another method, developed by Lee Cowden, MD, is to retrofit a device to hold a Heel remedy vial on the end of a laser pointer and “beam” the light through the vial onto targeted acupuncture points on the ears, soles of the feet, and palms of the hands. This procedure facilitates getting the energetic information from the homeopathic remedy into the body, and elicits rapid and deep effects. Klinghardt has developed combinations of Heel products for each step of the way, always individualizing for unique issues with each patient. Heel remedies are available from .

Futures Unlimited

The late Ed Snapp, PT developed a non-invasive, non-traumatic program that creates an intrauterine environment in which a child’s central nervous system can regress to a stage where new growth is possible. Called “Chronologically Controlled Developmental Therapy” (CCDT), it is based on the following premise: when a human being experiences a toxic injury to the brain, the nervous system is traumatized throughout. While the damaged tissue may recover, the trauma from the injury remains.

The treatment approach is directed toward the stimulation of the
nervous system to allow the body to define its own dysfunction, lack of
coordination, developmental failure and to make its own
corrections. The body then regains lost sensory and motor information that is stored in the DNA, and reintegrates that memory into the traumatized system. The prime modalities include a flotations tank, sensory stimulation,  therapeutic massage and exercise. Each modality is performed in a strictly controlled sequence.

Klinghardt has seen dramatic results in his patients who include this intervention in the first nine months of their program. To learn more, go to

Many of the adjunct therapies included in other chapters of this book are also a part of the Klinghardt protocol. In addition to improved auditory processing with Tomatis therapy, he has observed that Herpes viruses often disappear, hormones balance and posture changes. Other therapies Klinghardt endorses are HANDLE (Chapter 7) and vision therapy, including color therapy and syntonics.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt brings to autism a diagnostic and treatment protocol that is fully compatible with this book’s other interventions and effective treatment modalities. Klinghardt adds some unique observations and interventions that complete a truly integrative and holistic model. He encourages families to focus not on defective genes, but rather to address toxic insults at the emotional, intuitive, and energetic, as well as the physical level. His optimistic approach toward a postive outcome leads to recovery, not despair, down the road.

Autism starts in a womb that lives in a physical home. Klinghardt notes a huge difference between how homes are built in the United States and in his native Germany.  Here, many people live in cardboard boxes with plastic wrapped around them. Our houses cannot breathe; thus they build up moisture, mold and toxic chemicals. Frequently builders do not follow codes for proper ventilation. Building materials off-gas and electro-smog from alarm systems, stereos, high speed internet and phone systems pervade the living space.

Every home should, at a minimum,

have air and water filters, and be checked for geopathic stress. Remove or mitigate the results of cordless phones, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.

be free of chemicals from cleaning, personal care products, furniture, carpeting and bedding. Vacuum frequently with a high quality product.  Run pillows through wash and dry cycle.

Klinghardt strongly recommends that every woman undergo a metal detoxification program, including having any mercury-containing amalgams removed by a biological dentist, well before becoming pregnant. A sound pre-natal, natal and nursing diet should consist of fresh, organic foods with an abundance of washed, organic fruits, vegetables and essential fats. All babies should receive cranio work immediately following delivery to assure the integrity of the body’s structure. All new mothers should screen their breast milk and take 10 tablets of chlorella four times a day while nursing.  New parents should fully educate themselves about vaccines and their side effects.

Once a child is diagnosed with autism or one of the other conditions on the autism spectrum, the healing practitioner must address all seven stressors at all levels of healing for complete healing to take place. The easiest way to diagnose which stressors are primary, what interventions are necessary and to monitor recovery, is through autonomic response testing, an eloquent and sophisticated version of kinesiology. Through it, the body will reveal what is wrong, and what procedures it is ready for and when.

As a child heals, Klinghardt’s protocol is useful in sequencing “next steps.”  It is a unique and brilliant model applicable to any medical condition, not just autism.

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