Report of a Wholistic Holiday

©Copyright 1998 by James A Kholos, D.C., N.D., USA (Explore Issue: Volume 8, Number 4)

Attending the recent Isopathic/Homeopathic Seminar, January 29 to February 1, 1998 in Scottsdale, Arizona was more than learning about Pleomorphic therapy. To say the participants only enjoyed the cool Arizona sunsets in the Pueblo Spirit, would be like referring to Native American petroglyphs as graffiti. The information presented on how to treat and combine different methods and products effectively, the most important Sanum Remedies and their successful interrelationship to other biological remedies, Meridian Therapy and Homeopathy, basic concepts of biological medicine, tools for determining the need for biological medicine, heavy toxicity, Detection and Detoxification Research and the Biological Terrain, meridians and their structures, thermoregulation and new developments in holistic dentistry and the relationship to biological therapies can only be described as baffling to nearly everyone. My particular favorite was Dr. Thomas Rau’s presentation on the Significance and Clinical Meaning of Darkfield findings, as a new way of interpretation, and understanding Darkfield microscopy as a dynamic examination. Typical of Enderlein seminars, Chrystyne Jackson consistently makes the desert bloom into a garden with exhibitors, equally worthy, presenting products I consider the cutting edge of science and technology in advanced medicine. It is here in Scottsdale twice yearly, knowledge becomes a gallery telling a story of the medical arts, past present and future.

If advanced medicine has a gold standard Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. occupies this high place equally with friend and colleague, Dr. Thomas Rau. Their fascinating shared experience overlapping Chinese medicine, neural therapy and Dr. Garry Gordon’s plain old-fashioned American horse sense, gives one the impression that the mysteries of anti-aging medicine will soon appear like some rock art symbols in a Petroglyph should you survive the next ten years. The information presented could be considered everything you should want to know, the therapies that are working in Europe you didn’t learn in medical school. “When I left allopathic medicine in 1985 and turned to advanced medicine,” related Dr. Robert M. Battle, of Houston, Texas, “I observed a patient suffering from congestive heart failure I had treated without success for five years. After twenty-five chelation I.V.’s he went from barely breathing, to hiking and jogging.” Dr. Battle invited Bill Glaros, DDS to participate in the dental workshops. He confirmed enthusiastically “every encounter brings an opportunity for a mission”. He further confirmed that the fact that stopping the placement of mercury/silver fillings in patients decreases the possibility of the detrimental effects on their health was continuously validated by physicians, researchers and dentists in practice.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, Psychiatrist, presented his thesis on Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet. To think past the popular research that fails to demonstrate that food and nutrients behave differently in different people with different dominant metabolic types has profound implications. Cousens claims that the key to understanding his fast and slow oxidizer concept is knowing how the body produces and metabolizes ATP from glucose. There are two primary cycles. One is called glycolysis which produces twenty percent of the ATP. The other is called the Citric Acid Cycle, which produces eighty percent. Any interference with the step-by-step breakdown of glucose to ATP from the incomplete oxidation of glucose intermediates in the brain resulting in impaired mental functioning. An example of this might be a deficiency in Niacin which participates in the enzymatic breakdown of sugar at several places in the cycles of energy production. A deficiency of Niacin slows down brain metabolism and therefore affects the creation of energy for the brain-mind function. It is well known that a Niacin deficiency might result in pellagra with a variety of mental symptoms associated with it, including depression and anxiety. Niacin is also needed for tryptophan metabolism and a Niacin deficiency has been implicated in some forms of schizophrenia. Deficiencies of other vitamins and minerals, as well as pH imbalances may profoundly alter brain energetic functioning and, therefore, the normal functioning of brain-mind activities.

Although glucose metabolism primarily happens in brain metabolism, the adequate utilization of protein and fat breakdown products in the citric acid cycle, significantly affects the amount of ATP

that is used in brain metabolism. There needs to be a proper mix of the intermediates, from both glucose metabolism and from fat and protein metabolic breakdown, for the citric acid cycle to produce the optimal amount of energy for proper functioning. I taught Dr. Cousens everything he ever learned between the speaker breaks.

Moving right along, Robert Zieve, MD, a practitioner of Integrative Alternative Medicine, author of Rhythms in Time: the Homeopathic Future, electrified the seminar, presenting an anthro-philosophical approach to developing imaginative thinking in biological medicine. His thesis, Forming a Curative Community, was based on the genius of Rudolph Steiner, who strived for a Utopian ideal of realizing receptivity to the meaning of life. Dr. Zieve brought us his light beyond the shadow of scientific objectivity into the realm of objective imagination. With a controlled passion under Dr. Zieve’s patient guidance, all were set aglow who silently participated in this deep healing, thoughtful awareness training. We all learned to approach our patients as if they were writing a biography of themselves, beginning with our examination, at that moment in time. With objective examination, our own inner images and feelings of transference craft our fluidity in assisting the patient to enhance creative intellectual thought into a habitual form. Through workshops on painting with water color, theater, and through therapeutic musical expressions, one can help overcome the part of the patient that does not want to get well. Applying the creative movement of knowledge, the removal of symptoms becomes a process of consciousness. This in fact can change the internal milieu of the patient’s biochemistry. We human beings are the only species whose thoughts change our biology.

Speaking of monitoring the biological terrain, Dr. Robert C. Greenberg, Chairman and Founder of Biological Technologies International and the inventor of the BTA’s 2000, considered the most advanced and accurate instrument in the world for the assessment of the biological terrain, explained how it works. In brief, by objectively analyzing blood, urine and saliva to establish baseline for pH RH2 (Redox and R (Resistivity),the BTA explores the area of the digestive system, kidneys, and blood for electrical charges between oxidation reduction. A differential must be maintained at appropriate levels. In other words, too much reduction causes a buildup of acids in the cells through normal metabolic processes, thus revealing the Redox equation and levels of oxidated stress. Oxidative phosphorylation* of the mitochrondia and alphalipoic acid are necessary to help transfer oxygen across the mitochondrial membrane. Most degenerative diseases begin with the failure of the cycling of oxidative phosphorylation. Other equally important factors as the oxidation of carbohydrates and fats and the Henderson-Hasselbalch enter into the equation. This follows Dr. Watson’s work on slow oxidizers, fast oxidizers, whereby he managed through supplementation to stimulate an increase in fax oxidation and lower the carbohydrate content of his patients’ diets. The data collected, tabulated and analyzed yields objective information on treatment protocols. The BTA is consistent with the premise of Otto Warburg, MD, corresponding to anaerobic and aerobic potentials with relationship to degenerative disease. Like Native American petroglyphs, the biological terrain measurements are not doodles. As anthropologists and historians can offer explanations of the petroglyphs (rock carvings of the Southwest), physicians applying oxygen therapies to offset the nitrogen component realize greater outcomes using the BTA monitoring technology for baseline function studies with their patients.

Another equally effective means utilizing computerized regulation thermography (CRT 2000 Eidam) presented by Daniel Beilin, OMD, joined by Dr. Thomas Rau, explained how patterns of autonomic responses identify skin changes as a regulation for the afferents, spinal cord organ input, organ output spinal cord afferents, and serves as an indicator or key to the origin of disease. Applying a probe to points tested then comparing it to baseline indicates either a hyper- or hypo- function. Using this means of monitoring the immune system, one can arrive at a balanced integrated empirical diagnosis able to pinpoint “dysbiosis” established within the program of the software. The CRT 2000 is designed for the dedicated biological practitioner. The CRT accomplishes:

  • Identification of hidden foci
  • Assessment of effectivity of therapeutic modalities
  • Dental evaluation
  • Breast analysis
  • Mesnchymal reflection
  • Organ function “scan”
  • Neural therapy validation
  • Geopathic pattern identity
  • Neurological impact assessment
  • Fungal/dysbiotic intestinal status measurement
  • Quick prioritization of treatment protocols
  • Food intolerance vs. terrain analysis

In conclusion, more recently, culminating 15 years of collaborative research, German physicians have developed new indices for terrain, teeth, enteropathy, vitality, physomatic and immune integrity. Much more exciting correlations will be possible as these combined efforts seek new answers.

Highlighting every Enderlein seminar I have attended together with illustrious, overlooked diagnostic possibilities of Dr. Thomas Rau is Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. addressing Neural Therapy. Dietrich gets better with age, and his humble appearance should not detract from his strong and intelligent effective healing techniques. He has published books in both peer-review journals and lay literature, and his German textbook on the psychological counseling techniques “Psycho-Kinesiology” has become a best seller. He is the President and Founder of The American Academy on Neural Therapy and may be contacted through our Explore offices. If anyone could speculate on why the petroglyphs were made, Dietrich would postulate his impressions based on his deep spiritual life, and knowledge of Jungian psychology as a vision from his own past. He is neither a Shaman nor Vision seeker, yet this German-American scholar is considered to be the leading authority on Neural Therapy in the world today. Most astounding to me, his new theory on depression, relating seratonin levels to gut bacteria, was most profound. He is a pathfinder in both neurology, kinesiology and orthopedics. This new found knowledge we learned in Arizona this past weekend will resonate in our minds and practices into the next century. The new edict should be that diagnostics should not be labels, rather the symptoms which appear allopathically should be interpreted for what they are in Advanced Medicine.

The renaissance in Biological/Isopathic homeopathics began with Enderlein conferences since 1995. Over the past years, I have witnessed the brightest minds in the healing arts conquer the ignorance of mainstream medicine and learn the shifting paradigms of Advanced Medicine. We honor Professor Dr. Günther Enderlein (18721968), for being the founder of the biologics firm SANUM, now Sanum-Kehlbeck GmbH & Co., producer of the Enderlein therapeutic remedies. Enderlein’s contributions fit neither traditional biological terminology, nor medical doctrine. His concept that all blood contains micro-organisms which exist in cooperatively and mutually beneficial relationships (symbiosis) is not easily grasped. Its corollary is that almost all disease processes indicate a disturbed balance of these organisms as they evolve from harmless, and usually helpful viral-like symbionts, into bacterial forms that eventuate as parasitic and pathogenic fungi. These can be broken down by products based on the symbiotic and lower forms of the organisms that are present in all blood. Enderlein anticipated many aspects of psycho-immunology with his emphasis on the somatic influence of mind and emotions. He outlined how the autonomic nervous system and endocrine metabolic systems influence and are influenced by the endobiont cycles.

Dr. Klinghardt revisited this premonition of Enderlein, presenting the most substantial science yet proving Enderlein’s original hypothesis. Much of today’s medical turmoil results from the medical establishment’s resistance to change. Integrating different methods and the new therapy prescription schedules was the order of the day in Scottsdale.

Dr. Abram Ber, MD spoke and few whispers could be heard when the man welcomed us as “Brothers and Sisters”. He has become the unofficial Chairman of the Board.

Leading in the forefront, among several distinguished exhibitors, was the Allergy Research Group. Again the theme of gut reaction had been featured prominently in the November 17, 1997 Newsweek article on “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. Isopathic and practicing nutritional health providers have long acknowledged the concept of intestinal permeability and its clinical importance (“Leaky Gut Syndrome”) in numerous pathologies. Steven Levine, President, has designed several new nutritional formulas I consider to be on the cutting edge of neutraceuticals today. Such products as live protein, amino acids, gastric nutritional support programs, super-food concentrates, and many other products have been developed with scientific cooperation.

Doctors Data, the premier reference laboratory for multi-element amino acid and other specialty assays advised the participants tapping into their immense data base which included the latest research in nutrition and bio-chemistry.

A new instrument called NervExpress can detect the early signs of aging and its reversal. This device offers quantitative objectivization of alternative treatments. Heart Rhythm Instruments, Inc. of New York City has a new scientific approach based on heart rate variability and spectral analysis. It can also measure the quantitative effect of spinal manipulative therapy on the autonomic nervous system.

Another delightful exhibitor was Avatar Data Acquisition Patient Monitoring Systems. This advanced instrumentation is even FDA registered electronics approved for testing acupuncture points based on VOLL/EAV protocols. Come to think of it, the FDA once called the EKG quackery. None of the vendors or exhibitors presented products that I would consider Doctors’ Confidential; however, discretion may be advised with your state licensing agency.

Other loyalists and royals exhibited products from localized hypothermia by Indiba S.A. to Ron Williams’ Biotron, in my opinion the simplest and most effective EAV instrument on the market today. Dr. Richard Clements, Medical Director of Heel Homeopathics attended and was equally excited with the product presentation that featured both Sanum and Heel remedies used in combination. My favorite vendor, Michael Coyle of NuLife Sciences makes buying a microscope as easy as obtaining a 0% interest loan. Dr. Andreas Marx of Marco Pharma Laboratories was on hand to share his useful knowledge with the seminar attendees.

The Enderlein Family of Advanced Medicine will reconvene this coming June 1998 for another conference on June 11th to 14th,1998. Take your minerals complete and be among the rock art symbols of freedom of medical expression. The flintstones of allopathic medicine may stay in their caves, but we, the advance guard of alternative medicine, perceive them to be nothing but fossils in the Arizona desert.

Join us at the Holiday Inn/SunSpree Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona and enjoy a Wholistic Holiday! You deserve it!! u

About the Author:

Dr. James A. Kholos, DC, ND is affiliated with the American Naturopathic Medical Association, The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicines, and is a contributing editor to the National Health Federation. He is a nationally known public access host of his own program “Outlook on Health” that showcases alternative medicine and cutting edge therapies for degenerative conditions. He is the author of Athletic Training for Cardiac Recovery and is a regular medical correspondent at Enderlein seminars. He is also a microscopist certified through the Enderlein Foundation. Anyone wishing to purchase his book or other books mentioned in this article may do so through the Explore Book Club. See Resource Directory for purchase of tapes from this seminar and the Enderlein seminar of June 1997.

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